Greedy Company

Just so SG knows, everytime you nerf the loot, like your most recent with the loot tickets, i BOYCOTT the purchase of that item. Example: I used to love the deal with the 90 loot tickets and 5 WE refills and the similar one in the Atlantis deal, and always purchased it. Now, you will not get a penny from me for that item.

Also, when you first unveiled the custome chamber and I pulled Isarnias costume, i didn’t have Isarnia so I didn’t help me. But, when you later changed the rules to include BOTH the costume and the classic hero but STILL never gave me Isarnia retroactively, or any other players I’ve spoken to the hero they pulled the costume for. So, you’ll never get a penny from me for the costume chamber from here on out.
You think your greed is clever, but we’re onto you and we are sick of this treatment.
Ex Spender


Every time I hear a “We”, I remember some clever line somebody said… “We? Who is ‘we’? Surely not me:wink:


So this dude is angry because they improved the costume chamber for future pulls, but didn’t help him and his last pull? Who’s the greedy one now!

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You’re aware, of course, that Zynga and SGG are businesses. Their sole purpose is to make money. They don’t exist for your benefit, or the benefit of anyone else except their shareholders.

Feel free to express your dissatisfaction with your wallet. If enough people do the same, SGG might change things. But to complain about a business trying to make money is a bit ridiculous.


Yeah, for mid-level it’s mehh…my alt has 3 5*, playing almost daily since March last year: 2 Grimbles, 1 Morgan. And a Joon costume without Joon. That’s really discouraging. Is it greedy to say, that this improvement doesn’t help with that?!

Everytime I hear “we” I assume they’re talking about “me & my broken heart”


At the end of the day they are a company and the goal is to make money. And honestly I haven’t really noticed a noticeable change in loot tickets, but also never really paid attention to how many I got. And concerning costumes, you went into knowing that originally there was no chance for the hero. Then they revamped it added the hero and the chance for the HoTM but also increased the price. So not exactly sure how it would make sense to give everyone the heroes retroactively on that since there were other changes to it also.

You couldn’t even make it three words out the gate with making a complete fool out of yourself. I don’t know why you’re assuming I’m some “dude” first of all, and second you’re claiming they “fixed” they chamber which implies it was broken. And if you spent money on something that was broken, companies are obligated to reimburse you or compensate you for the damage. There are countless other players on the Facebook pages complaining about this exact thing. So while although you are enough of a sucker to take a loss and not say anything about it, there are plenty of us who are not. Try thinking before you type.
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No it’s not at all, but you get these trolls who pop up and flap their gums just to try to get under people’s skin. They don’t realize how incredibly stupid they sound.

When they released the last update it was listed under the changes that they would be reducing the loot tickets as rewards from wanted and war chests. Most people never bother to read those notes because they don’t care what happens to their money or about a company taking advantage of its customers. Everyone knows companies are out to make money, that’s not new news, but when they continue to take and take and take and give almost nothing in return, any sensible person will start to realize they are being taken advantage of. And they fixed the costume chamber because they realized that the costumes were useless if players didn’t have the original hero which is why they included it in the fix. So if I spend my money on something that they felt I should have had from the start but never received, you don’t think players should receive it? Clearly somebody felt I did because my first season 3 pull was the hero I only had the costume for; Isarnia. Lol. So if SG didn’t feel I was Worthy then karma sure did, even though I had to spend more money to get it. I was going to spend that money anyway but still it would have been nice to pull a season 3 5 Star hero instead.

Thank crom for thread muting.

Actually I did read the notes and I was just saying that I havent noticed a noticeable change in the drop of loot tickets. And I too spend money on this game but I know the odds and the chances going in and I know what I’m agreeing to so I don’t get my panties in a bunch when I dont get what I want. But anyways, congrats on get Isnaria

You also get them guys / girls who come on here and whine about people expressing their dissatisfaction as customers. Those people are the best cuz their hypocrisy is self crippling. They don’t work as PR for SG, they just do a self PR and then bask in their own self-righteousness.

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Well if you’re not a female I think wearing panties is probably your first problem LOL. And I assume almost everybody knows the odds going in, but when they fix something, they should also fix it for the people who spent the money on it. That’s just good business. That’s if you want to keep your customers that is.

Exactly my point! It’s not even worth complaing as most who do it are either missinformed or lack a basic understanding of an aspect of the play dynamic or business model. One complaint doesnt need an armada of people dealing with it. I think it scares some playes from asking legitimate questions in fear of the mob of replies. Some can get heated and personal fast. Thats for moderators to deal with. Lets keep the PvP to raids lol (no they not unfair! Seriously but I digress)

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  1. New seasonal events - more ways to get unfarmables without paying a dime
    2; Atlantis Rises - more loot, better loot faster - without paying a dime
  2. RaidT - more loot and chances to get unfarmables without paying a dime
  3. PoV - more ways to get loot and unfarmables without paying a dime

Sad that they continue to almost give nothing in return.

I said improved, not fixed. Large difference. Bro…

You forgot the challenge coins that my follow FTPs (and those CTP) can use for monthly event heros, which is my favorite recent positive addition


But it costs nothing to get the AM’s…which is all that many people do. But I guess you have to ridicule a person with a view that proves you wrong? Says more about you than me.


WoW! I get flagged even when I make sense lately. I dread the day I have a complaint. Im offended by how easily some get offended…