Greed. How to lose 120 paying clients because summons & loot is gambling with zero reward

It’s obvious the same people spamming the thread to defend this works for SG or have some incentive. They may even be the same person. Their broken record replies is manipulation & therefore we decided to fight where they have less power to control content.

This is not only a SG problem. SG is the match that lit the fuse. Lets see what the governments say when we start flooding them with gacha complaints from all the games combined. There is already serious action underway in Japan. They want this thread closed for obvious reasons. We will post links to social media awareness campaigns, petitions and legal sources to force a law change. We will bring the entire force of our collective. When they started out I bet they didn’t think messaging apps like Line might unite players & become their worst enemy, they refused to give is a built-in private messenger after many request and this must have been the reason.