Greed. How to lose 120 paying clients because summons & loot is gambling with zero reward


@gregschen I’m pretty sure Active Player Lounge is accessible by invite only, so most of the people on the forum aren’t going to be able to see it.


That’s funny, I was totally going through withdrawals because we didn’t have a recent thread about how bad the drop odds sucked. Looks like we both got our fix!

It is fair to say this topic has been debated a lot.


Playing F2P is the least stressful. You pretty much get the needed amount of ascension mats you need for the heros you get from tc20 or tokens. The only trouble I have run into is with 4star troops, but I’ve been rather unlucky. Went on a stretch of 0/45 on my troop tokens.


The odds are supposed to be cruddy. Players still get heros at a decent rate even with cruddy odds. They’re just never satisfied without getting exactly what they want.

If players could spend x amount for exactly what they want, would break the game.

Problem is the players themselves are the ones pressuring themselves to do more pulls to try to get certain heros when SG has made it pretty clear that every hero will return.

Lack of patience and impulsive spending is something players have a problem with and when they can’t self govern their own actions, they have to find someone else to blame.

Are the odds great? No. But considering i still see people pulling multiple 5* in 1 10x pull or 30x pull, i can see where increasing the odds could do more harm than good.

Game was designed to be a slow grind, players have tried to make that slow grind am arms race. So of course SG has been flooding the game with new heros due to high demands.

If players would cap themselves at x amount of summons no matter what they get, there would be less complaints.

Players will get 5*. Just not always the 5* they’re drooling over. And it could be today, tomorrow, or 6 months from now.

If summons had better odds and more and more players could summon more of the heros they want when they want, it would be a shortlived fulfillment but in the long term they would either get bored or just up their spending as SG would be expected to roll out more and more heros since more and more players are summoning every new release in 1 weekend.

Sucks to say it but RNG is one of the best balancing tools in this game. Balances supply and demand. Balances new vs veteran players. Balances hero variety amongst players. I’ve seen decent sized spenders go months without a certain hero they want and do just fine.

Increasing the odds would just increase demands. Literally every other change in the game has proven that.


Standard 1.01 cheer leader response,
"Go play something else "
How original.


This guy had a much funnier and more subtle way of commenting on this issue. I bet he’d let you steal some of his material to make your response a bit stronger:


After reading @Rigs’ post, I feel that this thread (and all other threads like it) would be fully complete if we just add a pinch of @Brobb


You are really asking for it, aren’t you? :rofl:


It’s like summoning an Aeon in FFX but better


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So play a different game, gg. Why would you voluntarily play a “demoralizing game?” seriously go find something else to do and stop complaining. This isn’t a constructive feedback post. It’s just a whine fest. It’s a free to play, pay to win game, aka gambling. Like it or don’t. Complaining will never change a ■■■■ thing, it’s the very nature of the game.


Maybe an analogy with less salty language would be better…


So much saltiness in this thread. I don’t why you guys waste your time complaining about a game that you play for fun. If I got anywhere near as upset as you guys were I would quit playing immediately. No one is forcing you to play, or to buy pulls. Instead of complaining, hmm maybe just take your credit card off your account?


Mods can we lock this thread? It’s the 50th time it’s been brought up. If OP would share his data that would be another story but this is just another lousy complaint thread with no proof.


You’ll want to tag them if you want them here. Since JonahTheBard quit though, we may be past everyone’s bedtime for a while yet. It is morning in Finland though…


It’s obvious the same people spamming the thread to defend this works for SG or have some incentive. They may even be the same person. Their broken record replies is manipulation & therefore we decided to fight where they have less power to control content.

This is not only a SG problem. SG is the match that lit the fuse. Lets see what the governments say when we start flooding them with gacha complaints from all the games combined. There is already serious action underway in Japan. They want this thread closed for obvious reasons. We will post links to social media awareness campaigns, petitions and legal sources to force a law change. We will bring the entire force of our collective. When they started out I bet they didn’t think messaging apps like Line might unite players & become their worst enemy, they refused to give is a built-in private messenger after many request and this must have been the reason.




You know what’s easier?

Not taking the gamble :joy:

You’re going through a lot of effort just to complain about bad luck.

What’s even crazier is you dont think a company that was just bought for $800 million dollars have lawyers that know 10x more about the law and upcoming laws in different countries than you could dream of?

When you buy gems, you buy an in game currency. How you choose to spend them is up to you.

You can hop on a VIDEO GAME forum and try to start a movement to fulfill your need of self importance, but just makes for a good laugh.

The law news you’re sharing was already shared last year

On top of that loot boxes vs gambling has already been discussed as well

[Curiosity, Red Tape, Catch-22] Loot boxes- Not casino gambling, not collectible cards, not harmful?- Definitions of Gambling, Governments and Regulation [Yes, Yes, it is that kind of topic]

You’re not adding any new information. Just repeating old news and trying to be part of a “movement” :roll_eyes: that has already been going on for at least a year

Search any of the following terms in this forum:

Loot boxes

You’ll see the same complaints like yours over and over

It’s a video game
Don’t like it?
Don’t play it.


The finger pointing has begun, even after repeated requests to stay on topic and stay courteous.

Prepare for keys.

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