Greed. How to lose 120 paying clients because summons & loot is gambling with zero reward

As a group we started to track, analyse and share info with other groups about the game. The past month our group of 4 alliances only bought the very cheap specials as it has been become clear that drop rates are lower than ever & not worth the money. We recorded all summons, we were shocked. After today many was so demoralised they quit the game. People (all with money, age of 40-70) that have been playing for a year or more.

Myself? Back to old school gaming where you buy, own it & can enjoy value rather than throwing insane amounts of money into a bottomless pit.
I just bought a few oldies like StarCraft & Dungeon Keeper 3 from Steam. I’m having way more fun & much less stress for a fraction of the cost.


as per your input you made the right call; i hope you can keep it: this game is too addictive.

Care to share the data you collected?


Yeah… 90 summons here without a single 5*… (3x 30 summons)


I got this with a free epic hero token from a nature chest. I thought that was neat.


I’ve gotten 3* feeders with paid summons. Bummer, but I survived.

I’m not sure why you are demoralized enough to quit?? I don’t get that?


Not at all, I’ll ask them if it is OK to share. They may want to publish it on the website to generate some traffic. Not mine to share. Hope you understand. Also, the private data of members & alliance names, money spent, etc will have to be removed. Members including myself are already paranoid about being flagged by SG for saying something they might not like & getting even worse rewards. I know it sounds ridiculous but it is a fact that many will not dare to give them a bad rating in Google Play out of fear. Look at the Facebook likes vs followed & keep in mind many don’t even know you can receive news just by following, is just too lazy to unlike again or liked the game to get the 50 Gems but only played a few days. Ps. When I say myself I mean I used to be, I lost all interest & love the return to PC gaming.

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I’d be ok with the names of the innocent being anonymized. :smiley:

Congrats. Happens for some, which makes this game even more frustrating. You can’t compete at the top without spending insane amounts of money. The spending is not the only issue here, it is the rewards & value (this game is extremely expensive). They created a market, wars, etc. To be in top you need new heroes, so they rather rely on a few people spending a lot than a lot of people spending a little every month. I even stopped skipping chests because over the last 1550 chests I tracked it became obvious that rare chests loot is not worth the gems any more, especially because skipping is meant to accelerate rare chest occurrence but mine is now below 2%. I haven’t seen an epic token apart from events in months which means that VIP is now a complete waste of money since you get no value from summon nor skipping.


I’m just playing for fun. I love to compete, but don’t feel the need to compete at the top. So I don’t spend a lot of money and maybe that is why it’s less stressful for me.

I am however, sorry to hear that you and others are quitting. :expressionless:


I’m impressed with the action everyone took.
I just used Atlantis tokens, getting a 3 star Atlantis Hero. Thinking I’d get an Atlantis Hero, being on the Atlantis summons page (shame on me), I spent 350 gems… I got Kelile. At least she’s a FOUR STAR…

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As a forum regular I have to speak up now as this is the 1200 thread about same issue been farmed in posts and threads in 2 years now.
Lets start that PC/Droid games not all working same factor lines, some are (pay to get a known items) and some are (pay to get a chance for some item) and some are mixing the 2 factor lines.
PC games that mixed the items were like Silkroad, this old PC online game used the mixed factor as you pay and get 100% exact known items but also to enchance them up you will risk losing full upgrade progress in some point, so players used to be around +5 gears which was the safe point and only heavey gamers were on +7 which only heavey spenders can be.
So amoung the hard areas on map there some places only full +7 SoS or SoN could play others couldn’t.
Point is we used to gamble in these days to get full set of SoS or SoN maxed +7.
Same as with E&P but here the mixing is flipped … you gamble to get chance to get heroes/ Ams and to raise the special skill but in amount of building/level up heroes/troops/player/buildings there is no gambling also with the enchance ment of the class you get 100% of what you are going for.
Ppl was complaning about risk rate on silkroad as they complain about risk of getting no 5☆ in E&P pulls.
Human kind always like to gain with no pain, they would live to gamble (with fully aknowledge of the risk of losing) hoping for the win, always good to win, but as you are an adult who underatand the risk you don’t have the right to come back on SGG when you lose.
As in any casino when you gamble you don’t have the right to come back on the casino saying: hey I lost my money! Cause you knew in advance you could.
SGG has the same factor, nothing 100% to gain with paying even 10000 USD (some ppl did and get nothing) cause every thing here on RGN … your pulling chances not same as mine … I can pull with 300 gems and get 5☆ plus HOTM and you can spend your kids schoolar ship money and get nothing.
Be an adult, get responsibility on your actions.
You can’t blame the game for making a zone for the heavey spenders to brage in aka top 100 … otherwise why would they spend if nothing special to have!

Have a great day.


It is rather demoralizing to play over a yr and recieve 0 5* characters… Pull rates are pull rates…break the game .blah blah blah… Does not change the fact that it’s demoralizing… Out of all tbe work and spending… I don’t think its to hatd for a guaranteed hero of choice every month or 2.


Thats not the way this game was built as.
You should be reading the game features on the store, you should read the rules that you have to agree with to play, before you play. If you already are playing this is aproval from you that you understand how things are working in the game.


Read this thread carefuly it will explain every thing.

Have a great day.


Read it before. Again does not alter the fact it is demoralizing.

Thank you for not listening to peoples feelings.

I find it amusing that the folks telling everyone to get over it, are the ones with great rosters already.


There are some systems which could be implemented to secure long term ways of getting guaranteed 5s. Something along the lines of a sacrifice pit where you can sacrifice your heroes and get a currency in return (lets call it hero-dust, yeah very original). 3 would give you 1-3 hero-dusts, 4* would be 5-10 and a 5* would give you 50. You can then purchase TC 20 heroes for lets say 1000 hero-dust (could be a random 5* but that would just add another layer of RNG on top of the current RNG)

All numbers are indicative, would need to do the math for some resonable tuning but the system mechanism is clear.


I don’t have a great roster already!
I play for 2 years and have only maxed 2 5☆ heroes … and 18 4☆ heroes.
Others I have 2 more 5☆ with no ascending materials to upgrade and 17 4☆ on 3^60.
I am F2P my friend.


When I started out (like many others) I didn’t know you need to gamble & like every gamer once invested you try make the most of it. Not everyone on here have tons of money to buy to compete at the top and if you think that is not the case you are mistaken. We’re in a top 30 team and I can tell you this. People don’t feel they receive value for time, effort and money spent.

As for telling me off to be an adult, your arrogance is only surpassed by your ignorance. Adults plan, track & budget to only buy specials & stick to that plan. We’re pointing out the demoralising factor of the game, not to mention that almost every aspect from loot rewards to skipping has been so badly nerfed it is not worth the time & effort any more. Newsflash, not everyone has a trust fund, so time & effort is a commodity most valuable to majority.

Aside from that. It is extremely boring to fight the same AW teams over & over and face Guin/Grave/ Zeline in diamond raids.


I don’t understand why you feel the need to come to the forums and complain. Just quit the game. You know the odds every time you make a pull. There is no need to write a PSA and then insult people like Jedon when you can just move on with your life. You are the 1000th person to post this. Small Giant isn’t going to and doesn’t need to change how they operate just because their business model doesn’t match your expectations.


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