Greed broke the camel's back. Price increase value added tax - Change in Digital Taxes

Before today the advertised price was the price we paid. Suddenly there is 15% VAT added and you get a troop token by the looks of it (not confirmed, happened 3 times & not again)

It was bad enough that we paid 20% more than players in the USA on any offer before this (figured it must be the tax included), now it is 35%. :angry:
A few in all 3 our alliances were shocked and outraged when we received SMS’s from our banks and our Line chatter lit up like a Christmas tree.

Destroy the game & chase away your clients Zynga / SGG. We’re all reversing our debit orders.
Gambling disguised as a game has gone too far, someone needs to stand up to this.
We will actively raise awareness and pursue legal avenues to illegalise Gacha and challenge the methods used by SGG


Which country?

Several just changed there IAP tax laws

( Digital Taxes Around The World - Quaderno ).

UK will be interesting since they used to fall under EU law.


That feels less game related and more country specific Law related.

Maybe start a thread in your country’s Law Forum.


I agree with @Gryphonknight and @Kayo, that this probably has nothing to do with the game, SGG, or Zynga…but more likely to do with laws changing regarding internet purchases.

I have seen some other players, both in Line groups and in game chats, talking about it.


While i agree that it is a country issue, you just have to remember that it is all a digital product with no real “value”.

So Small Giant could without a problem “scaling” the price to adjust the money for the final costumer.

They just don’t want to do it.


Didn’t you say you were quitting E&P and going back to PC Games? What enticed you to change your mind?

Also, you said back in January that you were going to start campaigning against Gacha games. Have you made any progress on that front?


Still do until October now, in all likelihood!

E&P is all about taking a massive gamble with your finances, a slow grind over several years, being at the mercy of an undemocratic European power and feeling regret after every new event. :eu::uk:

Wait a minute :thinking:




Stalker or SG worker? Funny how the same people always spam & defend these type of threads & come armed. Nevertheless.

  • I did. Even purchased a high end PC with moneys saved since then. I’ve been playing casually since. I hoped things will change or to get some return or reward for my 3000 USD investment the past year. A lot of our members recouped about half selling their accounts but I couldn’t let go of my hard work or email tbo.

  • Seems like idle threats didn’t work. Based on what I just read about unidentified gambling problems of which I never exhibited symptoms before I started playing this game, I now to have to admit, I developed a gambling addiction.
    I hate gambling, but did not know what I was getting into when I started playing this game. Never even played or heard about Gacha before this.
    In the beginning all runs good, regular mat income, etc, then when you invested time they get you. Same pattern on all accounts we tracked for months. That is how you get roped in unawares.

I didn’t realise I’ve spent so much until today, i was totally taken by surprise at the frequency & didn’t realise i’ve been spending so much.

Regardless if it is a law change issue, where is the law protecting players and what about the absurdly high prices or atrocious reward system?

I think it best to reserve my thoughts from here on out before I give them ideas on how to protect themselves from a ever growing storm from a huge player base.

The reason we didn’t continue with any of the threads was a) lack of legal knowledge b) time & resources c) hoping for the best like people trapped in abusive relationships

I will gladly contribute financially & otherwise to any such movement


What’d they say on your country’s Law Forum thread about this?

You can absolutely do both, if you wish it.

I am an old, old, old pc gamer and I still picked up E&P as a supposedly light option and spent quite a bit (for me) on a mobile game no less (boo, hiss). I mean, I have a LOT of games in my steam library, but I’m talking specifically about $ spent on a particular title. Perhaps it is on par with some of the PC mmorpgs I’ve played where I’ve gone a bit crazy with cosmetics but it was certainly a reality check to stop and think about the relative costs in games.

I not too long ago decided to stop buying entirely on mobile (so no more just dance sub either, and also limit my new steam purchases) and play some of the great stuff I already have gathering dust in my library. And I also decided that irrespective of money spent, if I don’t feel like playing something I won’t. So there’s that too.

Play what you feel like, they’re games. The money spent is gone but your time from now isn’t!


Neither. I’m a forum regular, and that thread was only from January 24th. It was 100 posts long, and I posted several times in it. Frankly, it would be more surprising if I didn’t remember it…

Sounds like it’s time to at least completely stop spending and go F2P if you’re going to continue playing. There are a lot of people who find the game more enjoyable after making that decision. This is the Sunk Cost Fallacy, and throwing good money after bad is a mistake.

That has to be pretty scary to be in the middle of. I’m really sorry to hear you’re going through that. The loot boxes are totally an intermittent Serotinin reward thing, and definitely seem like a big risk for pulling in people with any kind of a predisposition to gambling issues.

I know @King_Kyree77 completely removed his credit card from his Google Play profile to avoid the temptation to spend. I think others have as well. I’d really encourage you to do the same. It seems like a smart safety protocol.

Irrespective of whether you succeed in lobbying, it sounds like publicizing the risks of addiction would be a real public service, and something you have a strong personal story on. Good luck getting the word out about that. I think it would potentially help a lot of people.


God bless! I feel a little numb after seeing how much I’ve spent & completely turned off mobile gaming. Apart from the price increase I didn’t receive anything of value as usual. The anger started only after the SMS arrived a good time after I already spent the gems, then it escalated on Line as others started to complain too. The good about all this is to see how people that never met each other in real life bonded them together.


Sorry @Garanwyn. I’m peeved & may have mistaken you for someone else I remember from similar posts (not mine).
I’m just replying to your 1st answer for now. Best I log off & get a clear mind 1st


I’m wondering if some of the anger about the offers (see other thread regarding No More Pop Up offers), stems from the player’s own self-admitted problem with being able to refuse to buy said offers?

I mean that respectfully, not a judgement or criticism.

For some people, having a casino (or pub, or pot shop) located close to them makes it incredibly difficult to resist the “siren call”. For other people it’s easy to walk past and not think twice.

When I see these offers I look at them, sometimes buying, more often passing, but I don’t feel an addictive urge to buy. I’m just concerned that people who DO have a problem with them really consider playing this type of game at all.

Addiction doesn’t mean you have no willpower … it means there is an overwhelming desire, a craving for that product. I can’t imagine how terrible it must be to face that temptation every single day, and the truly awful feeling of helplesses if/when you don’t succeed.


A few months ago, I noticed sales tax on my purchases in the USA too. The problem isn’t with Zynga or SGG, it’s with your gov’t. Elections have consequences.

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This exactly, I quit several games over lootboxes.

I am comfortable (way too comfortable, honestly) with shelling out for cosmetics but in the past it has always been specific transactions for an item or skin. I can’t even remember when the “lootboxes” arrived but I thought about it a lot in Overwatch (which was already a paid game!) and what felt like everything after. If there was ever cosmetics to make my lady character more warrior-esque and less pinup, I was there throwing my wallet at it.

I made a conscious decision to stop, and removed my payment info. And part of my process is staying and being tempted, because I feel a hit of the something good in the neurotransmitters when I say no.

I really hope you @4nton find what you want to do, and take care of yourself :slight_smile:


@princess1 Awesome post!

Addiction in ANY form is a terrible terrible thing. I know first hand.

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Thank you. This increase may be a blessing in disguise. I (and many players not in USA & Europe) simply can’t afford it any more.
All the best to you too, I think what i will miss most is the chat in our groups. I have 3 accounts, my main account will be sold & this one will continue as f2p

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