Greatest luck in history? 7 legendary sand in 3 pulls

Single pull roc and 2 x raffaelle
Single pull rana
10x pull Yunan roc rana

Video below


What? How is this possible?

Maybe you mean 3 * 10 pulls. And that would make sense. But single pull, 3 heroes?

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You can now retire from the game with a smile on your face :smile:


Roc plus 2 free raffaelle who will never see ascension

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Yeah the bonus draw itself has a chance at another bonus draw. It’s wild but real


Happened to me with Clarissa and Kingston also got 3 Kingston bonus, amazing system sg! Wish you had this kinda luck in place for ascension mats

Nice pull… but i hate to be the one to tell you this… because of the law of averages, you will now have terrible luck for the next 167.56years. Haha!! Just kidding. Congrats on the pulls mate!!


Congratulations! It’s almost like my Sand pulls, haha. 19 EHTs and got only Hisan (and six S1 4*). Now I know where Sand heroes headed.

But to be fair I had similarly incredible luck with Christmas 2018. Did 10-pull to get Buddy which was awesome, but then I got three more EHT which turned to another Buddy, Monther North and Santa. Imagine that after 4 months playing, it was crazy.


I think I have that bad luck for ascension mats, always A or A + on 11* titans and the loot goes to C or D hitters, while I collect crap and more crap

…but for the time being, suggest @Nisra buy a lottery ticket or ask that special someone out on a date while the effects of the Liquid Luck are still active… :joy:


Lol never had luck with lottery but women is a non issue as I am married :slight_smile:

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Ah ok, well you won’t be turned down for a date then regardless, unless you are COVID blocked :wink:

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crazy game, that’s a total waste. you are certainly not gonna level two rana and roc in the next few years.

I’m not going to levelled the majority of the 5* I have in the next few years but still I hit the summon portal.

I just like collecting them. Good bad or Ugly they all have a place in my Pokemon collection of E&P heroes


Should have option to remove ascension mats off retired heroes and experiment with other ones. Hate this wait list of backed up heroes

Now this is what I was talking about in my “how (un)lucky can you get” topic. Amazing luck!

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Grats mate…crazy pulls…crazy game

That is an incredible 3-for-1 deal. Congrats.

Wow, congrats. Now go buy a lottery ticket while RNG is still hot :stuck_out_tongue:

Holy hand grenade, that’s awesome. Congrats!

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