Greater variety is the right way

Some old and new suggestions to reverse the recent years trend with new complaint/nerf threads after each new hero is released :wink: Feel free to give feedback or make improvements;

The proposals are based on greater variety provide a better gaming experience.

  1. The future heroes could get their qualities within a band. For example, attack, defence etc between 700-800 and the exact level is determined when you get the hero. It would provide unique heroes and a large variety. It might even make it impossible for anyone who loves to starts threads about nerf new heroes :wink:

I think a variation between 10-15% is propper level.

  1. If the heroes är without variation as mentioned above, maybe som accessories could be introduced with properties within a band. E.g. rings or something with unique qualities.

  2. Introduce three VIP level. Current VIP could be standard, a cheaper and a more expensive with better loot.

  3. Let’s have two HOTM, one new as today and one from previous months with slightly higher chance to get. I think the idea of higher chance in HA for old HOTM is good but maybe not enough. I think both new and old player will have a greater experience. As S4 is coming, something need to be improved from (pool of 5* from S1 need to be improved)

  4. We really should be able to fight anyone! I want to develop my tactics by fighting ppl in top 100 but I can’t choose.

I have played the game since beginning and still enjoy it. The variety of new stronger heroes force me to develop my gaming style and tactics.

Happy gaming to all

Sounds okay. Need more advice. Thanks.

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