Great Titan Warriors looking for players

Looking for players, Great Titan Warriors

Hi @Lynn1! Welcome to the forum!

To assist with your recruitment thread, some good extra stuff that may be worth including so people have an idea if you’re the right fit for them:

  • Number of openings
  • Titan level
  • Competitive/ casual/ semi competitive
  • War requirements
  • External communication app requirements
  • any other alliance requirements

All the best :slight_smile:

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Just started new alliance, looking for anybody right now, not being picky at the moment, I am a very active player, been playing for over 2 years.

Have you considered joining an Alliance? Ours needs an experienced player.

As @Dr_Evil_Genius suggested joining an active alliance is a great suggestion. Re-starting from 1* titans is tough when higher level titans are the best and most regular source of non-farmable ascension materials.

Regardless, good luck with recruitment - another challenge for brand new alliances.

Belatedly, welcome to the forum :smile:.

I was in an alliance, left, it wasn’t going anywhere

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That is tough! Leaving an alliance is never an easy decision, when you’ve been there a while hoping things will turn around :cry:.

Well, if you’re looking for a friendly but active alliance, you’d be welcome to join us here… TBD: Part Deux - Please read current messages

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I know the feeling. The Alliance I now lead is doing pretty well while not being overbearing. Always looking to add players to support and be supported by.

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