Great Path of Valor Day - Thank you SGG

What a day! No WE required at all today. Thank you SGG for this amazing thing. The timestop is probably tricky for someone starting new of course so I’m sure this is really just a dastardly attempt to sell Time stops or something. You work in mysteriously evil ways though so let’s assume it’s something untoward…

Or could be it’s totally random?? Who knows right? :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:


Makes sense that there is no WE to spend today in challenges as there is very little to do on the Maps.
No Atlantis rising, no Valhalla, no new season 4 levels for people to try and get tokens from. No Rare quests.

Only thing going on is masquerade which many people will have completed on the first day.


There was just a Trail the other day and even with that the WE gain from the day clearly covered it but there was a need for a rant thread about it…

Mainly it seems because some people who play this believe every single thing is managed to the minutest level to get you to spend money. I don’t disagree SGG wants our money but a lot of what happens is RNG and RNG is very chaotic and very unpredictable. Humans will try to find patterns in it time after time.

So today we get a no WE day. Which we should be shouting about how good that is right? We can use all our flags to advance S4 or whatever.


Not one, but TWO elemental teamups!? SGG is clearly after the wallet of the one player who only has a single hero in each color! :joy:


For me the Rant thread was because following an intense couple of days of Atlantis we got a level heavy set of challenges. Many people would have used their flasks up in Atlantis.
I Personally had used all my WE before the challenges appeared as I needed to complete my chest early to give me a second go at it later in the day. So to get those challenges was a bit of a blow with the Trial at the same time.

Now thankfully I wake up early and was able to complete the Trial the next morning before it disappeared. but others with time constraints wouldn’t have been able to do this and would have had to chose between trial or Challenges. But hey thats the game. manage your time pick your pleasures complete what you can or want to.

I don’t know if SG schedule the challenges or if they are random , it would have to be tracked to see if there was a genuine link between the two things. However I wouldn’t put it past a company to artificially create pressure in the game to encourage players to use items that they wanted to save to in turn get them to spend money down the line somewhere. Gems used today to complete a challenge are Gems that may have to be bought to pull in a portal later.

it’s up to SG how they manage their game, it’s up to us how we play it.

However we may have a bit of a rant from time to time along the way.

Anyhow Here’s to a stress free day of completing whatever we want with all the World Energy we have to spare. Thanks SG.

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Wait, do people really think that SGG’s tiny staff has the time and manpower to carefully pick POV challenges every day? It would be completely dumb to devote their limited resources to such an insignificant detail. There are sometimes unfortunate coincidences, but it’s obviously RNG.

On the other hand, something that really annoys me is that a rare quest is always scheduled during AR.

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I don’t know if they carefully pick challenges but it wouldn’t take much effort for them to say when AR is on there must be a season 3 challenge. When Vallhallah is on there must be a season 1 or season 2 challenge.

they’ll create rules in the programme which will just repeat each POV day.

That or it is all just random.

It’s far easier to just make it random. Make 30 challenges and just have it pick 3 different ones each day.

We get a Rare quest every Monday now so it will clash at times, that’s unavoidable but knowing the rare quest always lands on Monday now we can plan our WE if we want to.

The problem is people think this is like the Matrix and I don’t really think it’s that bad…but then there’s people who genuinely believe the Earth is flat so what can do huh?


:rofl: SG is damned, if does & still damned, if it doesn’t … :rofl:

Well, I am not aware at what level is PoV available to starting players… but Time-StoP is not a major hindrance as I remember, many free ones pop out fairly early in the game play.

There r bigger issues about special areas being not available for many players… for multiple reasons :wink:

Was PoV meant to be an easy - customised - convenient walk in the park ?! some Qs ?! :thinking:

True, they could code it to be this way, but since it doesn’t happen every time, I’d lean towards RNG. I think you’re overrating SGG’s human resources. I believe they’re not much more than a couple dozens people. Their time would be better spent towards more lucrative endeavors, and if we at least agree on one thing, it’s that short term profit is their overarching goal.

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Wait, the earth isn’t flat? :exploding_head: :joy:

be aware without paying is worth to get just level 48, you can missing some daily quests


You can even make it to 50.

ay but isn’t worth see the reward from chest :slight_smile:

I tend to do all and skip only 3 mission in total to get maxed valor chest. Free is free, I’ll take any even a small food bundle, 2 emblems or a few arrows lol

Finally,… :sunglasses:

Compared to 12th Wednesday, here is the POV…

And, in that day AR still there (half day), plus there is Trial Quest.
And in that day I have dark elemental chest (S1 7-4 only 6x is not enough)… :man_shrugging: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

To me those could be an easy fix. It’s pretty clear it’s done with RNG. Make the first one clearly a map challenge. 6 season one or valhalla special stages or what ever. Make the second challenge a “use or craft an item”. Make the third one a wild card, killing ducks, titan elemental or whatever. This would alleviate having three that can be a big drain on flags or crafting or worst of all,leveling a troop when you have no barracks available to do this

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