Great new Hero synergy alert – Queen of Heart, Puss in Boots and Wilbur

Queen of Heart, Puss in Both and Wilbur are one of the best trios combination/ synergy out there. Those three work great together because when PiB special goes off, it gives QoH a minion then Wilbur spreads out damage evely, then QoF’s special gives her an extra minion which in turn, give her more taunts. These 3 specials together can withstand fire from the hardest hit heroes all day allowing you to win.
Did I mention all there heroes are very offense as well? BTW,I won the Santa challenging with this trio, even though my PIB was still at level 1.
Any of you guys lucky enough to have experienced this fab trio yet?
Which other hero Would you add to make this godlier?
Do you have your own fab trio?
I’m I interested to hear your opinions on this trio.


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For a related thread intended to focus on Epic heroes, please see: Who are the best Epic hero duo / trio teams

Also see @Wormwood post on the original Puss in Boots thread :slight_smile:

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This excellent one? :arrow_down:


Yup that one :slight_smile:

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Strong combination, no question, but won’t any of the minion eater heroes (Grimble, Captain of Diamonds, or even Gobbler if he can live long enough) shred it?

I think things like this is why they’re pushing anti minion heroes more.

Yes but this is mainly aimed at offence.

The ability to spawn minion cards (with taunt) via TWO heroes while still gaining the benefits of a second unique hero.

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Don’t forget about adding Red Hood too! Though her minion will overwrite one of the blind mice. And she’ll be ready with PiB and QoH.

My PnB got to 4/39 today, ran him all over with Seshat, PnB, Onatel, LoL and MN. Total mana control. It was flawless. And a QoH or Inari will make it stronger. I can’t wait to finish him and give him emblems.


I don’t think Puss will pull a minion from Inari

One of the posters here has several vids of that. I don’t want LoLs minions booted out, so not a problem since I don’t have her.:grin:

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Puss will put a minion on all heroes who’s special includes the chance of creating a minion for the caster.

Best I can tell it includes the following List:

  • Queen of Hearts
  • Puss in Boots (if you have a second one…)
  • Red Hood
  • Seshat
  • Santa
  • Mother North
  • Inari
  • Delilah
  • Lady of the Lake
  • Thoth-Amun
  • Buddy (4* Hero)
  • Rudolph (3* Hero)

Some Future Heroes also include:

  • Tulleria (March HotM - LINK)
  • Kvasir (Season 3 - 3* Hero - LINK)
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Unless that’s changed from Beta, Inari will Summon a Minion when Puss fires, but only for herself.

Linking for reference from when I answered the same question during Beta:

Yeah, I’m an idiot. Upon reflection I’m pretty sure you’ve told me that before


At the moment, though I won’t be surprised to see that ability eventually recycled into some future hero.


Read the card

Yup makes sense now and should delete my previous question since it’s in plain text on the card :man_facepalming: such a noob…


I’m raiding with a similar team, a 3:2 stack of MN, PiB, GM, LoL, and Kingston. All are at 4:80 except MN. Despite only having 2 attackers, the team has done really well taking down more powerful teams. With the minion shield, healers, MN’s special and Kingston’s revive, mana control, and Kingston’s special they are practically immortal against ai. Not great for defense, but fun on offense.

and red hood as well

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Puss made Richard look old :wink:

I tried autoplay on ultimate masquerade, which was a bit too optimistic, but anyway…


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