Great mid-range Alliance looking for more - Drama free, RL>Game, please consider! =)

So the short of it.

14 members looking for more. Ranges from high to low level. Having fun and getting along is greater than heavy hitters. If you join, we expect titan hits, and if you choose to opt in for wars, you will hit wisely. However, you do not have to opt in. We like each other, and have fun winning and losing. We encourage beginners as well as experienced folks - it is the fun of the game over the level of the player.

Currently at 6* titans. Wishing for more (of course!) However, getting along and having fun is more important that a jerk who can hit. (apologies for the bluntness!)

KokaBean and I found this alliance on random accident, and couldn’t be happier as part of this alliance of mature adults who enjoy the game 2nd to real life.

Give us a try at WK2. We are adults, having fun and killing stuff.

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