Great matchmaking! Super balanced characters! And every board is a fair shake!

This comment is obviously generated by someone or something loyal to or employed by SG or is ambiguisly sarcastic because it is the most oxymoronic post ive ever read and it is disturbing to see the comment get 15 likes.

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Anything Anti-SGG always gets likes. It’s basically the same 20 people but you post something that slags off SGG you are in “likes” gold dust territory

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The same 20 people. :face_with_monocle:


E&P is a match-3 game separated from a thousand other match-3 games by some interesting card collecting and realm building. When the realm is built and you either have a satisfying collection of cards to work with or are frustrated of ever having a satisfying collection of cards, what then?

I’m just over 2 years with E&P and suffering from serious ennui with the game. It was fun at first, but less and less so as the game evolves. The main reason I’m still in it is that I haven’t found anything better to waste time with. I can’t imagine still being in the game in 2 years.

If it’s not fun, why waste time on it?

As for match making… Prob get some flack for this but few of us started a new alliance got a merge with others there 24 of us… So 29 wars ago…
We won 20 lost 9 so far…
I can say 3 of them wars was the oppersite team either sandbag or putting werid defence teams on… Or weird attacking strategy, Have posted on here about it.
I can say the wars are very close last war we lost by 150 ish points all of our wars are pretty close with wins or losses.
Match making for me seems reasonable.


Troops go a long way as well. I dont see much mention of the lvl of trps people are using against the pig. Im mostly mono, working on my 5 different, character enhancing troops to compliment said characters short comings. Just a thought.

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You are right.

It could just be 5 people who have 4 accounts each.

Always good to skeptical

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Yeah it’s such a great game me and my family has all but quit playing because it was so fair

There are plenty ways to deal with five slow piggies
and I dont think it happened.

Are you suggesting that the 30 x 5 Gullibursti war never happened??? Calling my integrity into question??? Shocking behaviour.

Because I honestly thought it was absurd enough concept that it was obviously not real thing that happened and was just me being silly…


Haha really thinking of putting a :boar: for that if this gets enough likes I will gotta be 50


The sarcasm is strong with this one.

I guess saros is one off the makers? Because half of what he is saying is simply not true!

That usually places me in the one month ban territory. Just saying.

Our mid-week war enemy…

Us -------- Them
4292 -------- 4710 – +400
4539 -------- 4629 – +100
4723 -------- 4724 – even
4238 -------- 4635 – +400
4459 -------- 4699 – +250
4547 -------- 4769 – +200
4503 -------- 4741 – +250
4479 -------- 4706 – +200
4525 -------- 4755 – +200
4551 -------- 4776 – +200
4745 -------- 4825 – +100
4606 -------- none

Player Levels:
Us: 80, 80, 76, 74, 67, 67, 61, 59, 58, 57, 56, 53
Them: 87, 84, 84, 81, 79, 78, 78, 76, 75, 74, 67

Sure, we have one extra warrior, and thus 6 extra flags, but that means nothing when our smaller guys can barely dent any single defense.

I know these things happen, but it’s a bit frustrating when it does.

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We had this happen to us just a couple of weeks ago. They had one fewer attacker (so we had an advantage right?)… They destroyed us with flags to spare, but to their credit, did not rub our noses in it (if we could say the same? But that isn’t in our handbook). I personally enjoy (95%) of the Eastern Europeans we fight; win or lose.


Well, I tend not to “ complain” , even post for that matter however our Alliance founder left the game for good,after 3 years this week. Sad. He said he wasn’t enjoying it anymore. . And I can’t blame him. I only have issues with one thing and that’s the AI, especially with Raids and wars lately. Okay, I get that we occasionally get bad boards. The last two weeks have been atrocious. I have had many a nerf down with my players but did someone nerf up the AI while I wasn’t looking?

Said with tongue in cheek :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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