Great matchmaking! Super balanced characters! And every board is a fair shake!

I would like to commend Small Giant for such a well-balanced game. Fair boards almost every time. Matchmaking is spot on, and you can build so quickly without paying a cent! There’s no character that feels overclocked, or ridiculously slanted, and if I double up, or single color, I still get a fair shake. Small Giant should develop for all game companies. I’d start with Dark Souls as I hear those games are a cakewalk , just like E&P. and not at all cheap or unfair!
I really love the raids. Losing 10+ in a row is an awesome confidence builder! And getting board after board with no double matches makes getting your ■■■ kicked 60+% of the time all the more sweet.
Maybe the complainers here just haven’t spent enough money like I have to get great boards… or better draws for 4 and 5 . I’m sure SG wouldn’t be so unethical, like some games that make you wait days and weeks before you get to complete a single structure pay to complete it early.
In closing, I’d like to say I love Gullinbursti, so well balanced! What other 4
adds temp health, increases attack and does damage after 3 turns? He honestly seems a little nerfed. Should make him also counter-attack, and add defense, make his mana regen very fast and reduce attack and defense on opposing team!


I support all pro small giant posts as we don’t see it enough


Don’t see Guillenbursti complaints every day…


I’ve used this line before, but I would suggest your irony storages are maxed

My advice ? Flee while you still can


I must add that this very accessible version of Hero Academy has also completely solved the problems of dupe heroes.



I second @Infinite’s advice.

Thank you for stepping back in for a bit after retiring.


Wait, is this… sarcasm?


Gullibursti is stupidly OP let’s be fair.

We’ve had wars where all 30 opponents was just 5 Gullibursti each. You can’t play against that level of stupid! We just gave up before we started. Touché Warpig lovers we said. Touché indeed.


Unfortunately, I don’t think they will ever solve the problem of dupe heroes.

The game has been released for 4+ years, and they released the Hero Academy at least 500+ days since they first teased it publicly. :rofl:

Note: I would be very pleased if I was proven wrong. Based on the super slow action by the game developers in the past, I have zero confidence that they will do better any earlier than next year.

They have tried with the Hero Academy. It just isn’t good enough for the majority IMHO.


Gulli doesn’t need adjustment to skill, just keep it the same but very fast!

Fun approach to a game rant, I enjoyed it.

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Sarcasm indeed. Certain characters are stupidly OP. Couple that with consistently sh!t boards and I’m beyond irritated to simply not caring. I’ve played casually 4+ years. Was very fun at first. Now, simply annoying and sluggish. Enemy animations take up 3-4 seconds on a 90 second dragon fight, raid boards are strongly slanted in enemy favor, and haven’t received a 5* draw in 6 months or more. I’m struggling to post this rant because I couldn’t care less what they do. SG developers made the game unbalanced and enemy-friendly, so instead of you winning most of the time, you lose, which is not fun. Getting 10 crap boards in a row, and watching the enemy bulk up to decimate you sucks. Every raid draw is a team 400+ stronger, so they force you to use resources and reroll. A subtle ploy to use up food supply.
I’ve pissed away too much time and money on a game that’s now simply a grinding chore for a pittance reward.


My counter to animations on Titans is special locking… Either timestops, Proteus, Zocc, and there others it’s just what I have emblemed. Miki (who I don’t have) is a titan killer plus silence and is probably an underated part of his special where it provides more titan killing time.

Any matchmaking system can be easily manipulated.

Second builder can be acquired from free ViP for a whole 130 days. Actually it’s the other way around - building time should not be allowed to be skipped with gems. Then it would be fine and balanced.

There is also absolutely no defense that cannot be beaten with a 4* S1 team, speaking from personal experience here. And you don’t need a perfect board for that.

Been there done that. I doubt you are complaining when you are winning 15 in a row instead. However if you have a big loss % constantly for a long period of time then you either went ahead too far for your current roster options or are just picking on the wrong opponents and/or the wrong team compositions.

Money can buy you better consistency on defense and offense - this should translate into overally better win % in both. But the whales also suffer from the RNG and lose a number of matches because of bad RNG. Admittedly if you are facing a whale both on attack or defense, you should suffer more from the bad RNG than the whale. Then agan you weren’t the one that lost tons of money for nothing - the whale did.

Edit: Money also cannot give you the ability to build your teams or move your tiles correctly. From what I see, often those that throw the most money actually also make some of the biggest mistakes - both in team compositions and in battle tactics.

Pig is good, but nowhere near unbeatable. No hero is actually.


Disagree. I go mono vs much stronger opponents and the board is at average neutral, and can turn great with just a couple moves.

With the portal odds it’s completely normal, and you don’t need any 5* to play this game even at a higher competitive level. Nor do you need them for any PvE event whatsoever.

Beg to differ again. I take on defense teams that are 600+ stronger than my attack team and beat them with good win %.

Expecting any sort of return for the money thrown at this game shows lack of understanding of basic statistical and mathematical principles.


Erm, Finley-Frigg-Bera-Odin-Gefjon?

I mean, I was with you until the perfect board part, that I feel is a bit of a stretch.


This game has become nothing more than a cash cow for $G. They don’t care about the game or the player base. All they care about is grabbing more cash


Yeah in less.then 5 wars we got 2 wars where either team had 1 less member on the field once for us once against us both were obviously won by the team with the extra 6 flags…I haven’t seen that happen in my almost 2 years of playing :roll_eyes: only after last update am I seeing this happen… QoL change? Like limit breakers we so dearly asked for according to the devs lol

Yep, those. Odin-Frigg-Ninjas or Bera-Frigg-Ninjas as well. Usually I reroll those of course, the % chance of winning vs these is small. And the players who have those empty their tower on a regular basis so the reward ain’t good either. But the average board has to turn great in a couple moves I admit, otherwise it’s impossible to pull with 4* s.

Please keep in mind this is a company and their job is to make money. The goal for most companies to stay afloat is turn a profit, some more greedily than others.

The issue is the ‘player base’ probably doesn’t even come to the message boards. If you count every individual poster, you would probably get less than 5% of the actual population of players.

So, who do you listen too, the base of noisy players? Most players won’t agree on the same things, so who do you listen to then?

I don’t disagree with you. This isn’t the only game I play and the argument you make is the same argument that is made in every game that I do play.

It is a fallacy to believe otherwise.

The truth is a long time ago, you would pay $50± for a game, get all the content and play for hours.

Then things like World of Warcraft, Everquest, etc, where you pay a nominal monthly fee and play as often as you want and have the potential to enjoy all the content.

Fast forward to modern times, the players of the world have allowed themselves to be duped and swallowed the ‘blue’ pill whole heartily. Now they pay hundreds of dollars at a ‘chance’ to get the content/“heroes” they want.
But technically, all the content is available whether you pay or not.

I play ‘world of tanks’, sooner or later you can buy the tank you want “premium tanks”, in this game no matter how much you spend, you may not get the premium hero you want.

That’s the greedy part.

Maybe also interesting for @Saros

Found nearly the same def today and remembered your post, only difference is Elizabeth instead of gefjon (does this make the team harder or easier? )

Yes I know, most of my S1 4* have a costume…
Yes half of them are highly emblemed…
Kiril is even limit broken :see_no_evil:
Tp difference about 900…

The first board was already good (I could have played that a little bit better) and got completely destroyed.
The second board was great (when I raid with my normal team, I seldom see such boards) and it was still close.

So without costumes and without high emblems it’s probably still possible.
You can go mono and hope for a decent board, you can take wu and pray that he isn’t that blind.
But I think without a good board to begin with you won’t live long enough to win even if the board becomes better later. So even if it may be possible to beat everything just with S1 4*, I would say it’s highly unlikely that you can fill a chest like that or have some fun in the long run.
(EDIT: I mean of course against such defenses, that you can fill a pvp chest with only 3* or 4* or even unleveled 2* heroes is clear, and you can also have a lot of fun with only 3/4* heroes)
So possible yes - realistic not really


Same here, I usually go in with my monoblue team where I have three LB heroes. However one of them is Nordri. Still the difference in TP is around that. Filling the raid chest is pretty possible if, of course, you battle only one such defense team - not 8 of them.

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