Great loots from escaped titans and lost wars?

First of all, let me start by confessing that I have never been this lucky; but I have heard people getting great loots from an escaped titan and/or lost war. So I thought I’d start this thread and invite people to share if they ever got something nice. I’ll begin: I once got a silver token from an escaped titan. Not a good loot itself; but right away I got my first Brienne from that token, whom I still use today for challenges and tournaments. I guess that’s still something.

Let’s hear your stories now!

Yesterday I got a sturdy shield from a lost war. Some day I got an org from escaped titan.
That’s it for almost 1 year of playing this game :slight_smile:

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well, sturdy shield is not bad at all! My Gadeirus is actually waiting for one more shield to fully ascend.

Great story :blush:

@zephyr1 @Garanwyn Ridiculous Bragging Thread or Show Me Your Rewards merger?


Globes. And I was in big need of them. 10 heroes waiting to ascend

Quite possibly. I guess I’m curious if the OP’s goal is to get to fun but not exceptional stories like “my first silver token from an escaped titan got me a Brienne,” which is neither great loot nor a ridiculous brag in and of itself. In that, case this thread seems to have it’s own niche. If, however, we’re going to veer into outlandishly good luck stories, Ridiculous Bragging Thread looks like the right home.

Thoughts, @lightsmessenger?


Weirdest and best loot for me was a Scope for a D score on an escaped 7* Titan. I think the game took pity on me that time

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Yea, a merger would be fine. I just wanted to people to share with each other the good loots they got from an escaped titan or lost war. Just for fun and sharing.

ALWAYS bad loot from lost war.

From escaped titans received tonic / warm cape / orb and trap tools before.

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Wow, a tonic from escaped titan? The RNG god must have been in a good mood that day.

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