Great Farming Teams? What are some great heroes for Farming Hard levels?

Its got me thinking I want to auto play Season 3 Hard.

Would something like this do the trick?

Freya - Heimdall - C. Vivica - Raffaele - Baldur

Question: does it matter what heroes you use for auto farming?

For regular farming… I use slow heroes now. Just tile damage and save up that mana to blast the boss. Lol

My bad I should have said auto playing the levels. But yes slow heroes can be great for auto farming levels particular AOE heroes.

I may learn something, I just use the last team I used to autofarm LOL.

I am unsure if using different heroes affects the farming output

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That team will certainly survive but will take very long with too many passive heroes. Knowing there are some healing even from green stones, Heimdall should be enough. I’d replace Viv and Raffaele by some AOE hitters.

I think the ideal farm team is C. Vivica - Puss in Boots - C.Horghall - Freya - Bera

C. Vivica - reduce enemy defense
Puss in Boots - heal, summon minion increase attack
C.Horghall - reduce enemy attack
Freya - boost minion attack
Bera - summon minion for attack and DOT

I think using attack from minion is the best choice for auto-farm very hard stage. Because their attack doesn’t depend on tile and they also can be use as hp shield.

C.Horghall reduce enemy attack by a lot. He will make minion survive much longer.

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Don’t have Puss in Boots or Horghall as well as Bera.

But I’m thinking of this now:

Heimdall - Freya - White Rabbit - C. Magni - Baldur

For the levels where the final boss hits all, a riposte hero like Sif or Elena would be great, especially coupled with a healer/reviver

Use normal Vivica would be better.

Red maybe use Grazul.

Blue many choices. I prefer Aegir.

Green. Heimdall or Tarlak would be good options.

Just tried to auto a Hard Midgard Special Stage for the PoV. Even the mobs hit hard, so Vivica is too slow.

Will need to use a fast healer like Grazul or Lady Wool. Or average ones with mana troop.

I feel like Heimdall with +20 should be alright though. Also if someone else dies he has chance of reviving them.

So, managed it the 2nd try with a team of Thorne - Brynhild - cVivica - Khagan - Clarissa.

Brynhild gives fast heal, mana boost, def boost vs boss attacks, although only for 3. She’s also a Rogue with Dodge. Paladins with their Protect talent also has a bit better survivability.
Khagan… well, you work with what heroes you have :stuck_out_tongue:

This was S3 Midgard 3-8

Interesting. Thanks for sharing this. Khagan has the mana increase at least.

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Yeah. He has a def boost too. I actually use him a lot, but if you watch the video, the bosses targeted him for some reason, lol

Use all 5 healers + buffers and preferably cleanser

I use Gullinbursti and Freya as the base of my auto farming team for harder level. Then I throw in three of the heroes whose element works best for that level.

If I had Heimdall or Garnet I’d swap them in.
Freya acts almost as a second quick healer in case I don’t have yellow tiles. Those minions add up to a lot of damage by boss wave.
I prefer not to go rainbow for the rest. Right now I’m farming lava bombs so I use frida-Isarnia-vela.


I use Freya and Delilah as my backbone - works very, very well, plenty of minions for beef but also using another minion hero helps get the damage flowing faster.

The others will be whichever of my emblemed choices fit best for the level in question…
Athena is very often in there, since she synergises so well with minions; BK is often in there too.

I tend to leave out Locke, Panther, Kong (flimsy), Killhare (debuff) and Snow White (timing critical).

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Id be making sure that its Costume Elena your talking about.:+1:t3:

My auto farming team is all S1 5* hero’s. Tile damage is just as effective.
Elkanen, Richard, Khagan, Vivica, Hel who recently replaced Obakan.

There isn’t a quest on difficult or challenging they can’t handle.

@Liam_K I don’t think this auto-farm team work well. Your auto-farm can take down boss because 4 of heros get full mana before boss wave and have moderate good board. If this condition doesn’t happen, the team might lose.

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