Great beach balls of fire 🔥

Six: two under the goblin baloon, one on the next tier down, in a vertical line with the pet dragon from VIP. One on the right-hand tower of the main castle, another directly below that. One next to the watchtower.

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2 of mine (the ones under the balloon) get hidden by “uncollected” iron.

I found 6.

The one directly below the goblin balloon can be completely hidden by the Alchemy Lab, nearly completely hidden by Hero Academy, and partially obscured by other tall buildings.

Yeah I only can count 5 on mine too.

Found 6

This one is the one I was talking about above. Partially obscured here or can be completely hidden by bigger buildings


Omg… I demand a flask for compensation!!! I can only find 5…jk. :laughing: Seriously though why can u flip a pumpkin but not a villager???

Have you seen that soulless stare the villagers give you? Do you really think you could flip them?

Oh yes… Their soulless stare warms my cold black heart.

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