Great beach balls of fire 🔥

Lolollol. They’re bouncy!

I guess that’s what all the top boffins at SG have been working on :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::yum:

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20 characters they said

Check your castle. it’s full of summer beach balls

I bet if you do 100 keepy-ups you get a 4* AM

Someone try it and get back to us…

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Ohh, have 5 tiny beach balls!!

Nice catch ahhaa

And date palm trees as well, but they don’t bounce.

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They bounce IF you tap them :wink:

I don’t think date palm sap will take over from maple syrup any time soon even if I do tap the trees. :wink:

Mmm palm oil-fried ham. Maybe with a little coconut.

I’m tempted to change my in-game name into: Bertus de Bostrol, Bouncer of Balls.

If only for the vast amount of alliteration.

Do it @Bertus

An avalanche of alliterative adjectives alleviates all ailments.


We always has those especials during the Event time.
I clicked christman trees and pumpkins so many times but never anything happened :frowning:

You did not click enough!
They burn down after enough clicks!!!

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But I get no AM :frowning:

The price is not when you do 100, but when you have them all up at the same time. Which is very difficult! But I am sure we’ll get a price, so keep trying :slight_smile:

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I’m glad they focused on important things like creating bouncing beach balls instead of wasting resouces on insignificant things like fixing their war matching algorithm.

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I Read if you bounce them in certain order you receive 500 gems~ I don’t know if that is true~

So what ate the beachballs for exactly?

They’re bouncy. They don’t need to be for anything.


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