Great Anniversary Weekend Thank you SG!

Our alliance had a phenomenal weekend with Atlantis Summonses & Titan/Atlantis bonus chests. Did anyone else have that experience? I hope it is a reassuring sign that SG is listening. If so,. THANK YOU SG!!! I hope things will loosen up this way for more than just the anniversary…but even if they were just grand party favors, the Knights of the Cross are very grateful.

My pulls & loot were typical at least for people who reported (about 6 out of 30 and many of the rest are just silent players :slight_smile:)

5 Atlantis pulls total:. 5* Aeron, 4* Agwe Gobbler Kashrek, 3* Mneussus (2 free from anniversary, 1 from gem deal, 1 hard earned Atlantis pull, 1 gem pull)

Ascension mats from Titan trunks & Atlantis bonus trunk:. 2 Royal Tabards, 2 Orbs, Trap, Poison darts.

One of our members said she thought she should buy a lottery ticket. It was like Christmas.

I really hope that many people had the same experience!!! Thank you again @Petri & all @ SG

Several of my group had good pulls as well…I got Frida using free pulls from Atlantis coins, and a nature elemental chest with a tabard. A few got Ariel and/or Frida…it did seem like better than usual…hope it’s a trend that continues!

The anniversary luck skipped my summoning and loot. :laughing:

Congrats on your new heroes and loot! :slight_smile:


I second zephyr, but am always happy when people get great items and heros. Enjoy :smiley:


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