Great Alliance looking for new recruits


The MVP have space!
We have a cup requirement of 2000
We are a drama free friendly alliance looking to hit new heights.
We take 9* titans with 20 players and beaten some really good war teams.
So if you’re active (uses Titan and war hits) and chilled take a look. If you like what you see then come join.


it’s not the deepest bench but I’m active and use all flags available…unless I’m asleep. I wont set alarms to wake up and play the game :face_with_raised_eyebrow::joy:


@SocialPariah you’re more than welcome… solid squad. We’re pretty relaxed here just ask you to get your hits in :grin:


We are still looking for players! Take a look at The MVP, we do great for 20 players! Very consistent but to grow we need you.