Grazul with Wu Kong or Ranvir on Titan?

It came to my mind that using Grazul with Wu Kong or Ranvir could be benefitial for fighting titan with following logic. Lets say of course for the start that you don’t have Miki, Tarlak, so we assume that you have Grazul and Wu Kong or Ranvir at your disposal.

Lets say that you attack purple titan and you go with wu kong and other 4 yellow heroes, average dmg dealt to titan would be: 5*(100%+185%)0.68 = 969% dmg dealt (premise that every hero has same attack for the sake of simplicity). On the other hand if you attack with Grazul, Wu Kong and 3 other yellow heroes, by activating Grazul first we don’t have miss chance so the dmg dealt is: 4285% = 1140%

The same applies when attacking titan of any color just the number of opposite color heroes drops by 1, in the first case without grazul: 4*(100%+185%)0.68 = 775%, in the second : 3285% = 855%.

Can somebody approve that the logic is correct or I am missing something?

As wukong and Ranvirs miss chance is not a status ailment like blindness grazul does not stop it from happening.

Sorry to disappoint


Oh I didn’t know that, thanks for answer. I just don’t understand why it isn’t counted as undispellable status ailment? Is it the same with the rabbits, or the defence down can be avoided with grazul?

Chance to miss is a part of a skill, which is considered positive (unlike blind) and can’t be separated from this skill. On the other hand, Grazul will work well with bunnies.


An easy way to find out is, if the negativ status has a separate effect (a separate picture on the hero)

Ranvir and wu have one effect where positive and negative effects are both written on the same effect (the gamble dices).

As grazul or aeron dont negative positive skills, they are not affected.


Thanks for explanation guys. How can I close this thread, or moderators will do it?

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It’s part if the gambles stance and not a separate effect that is applied so there is nothing to dispel. The bunnies hit then have a separate effect applied with it’s own symbol.


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