Grazul v Vanda, do I need both?

OK, I’ve had Grazul fully maxed since soon after she came out. Quite useful, and Vanda has been sitting at 3/70 for ages. Is it worth spending rings on her?

For my teams I find Vanda more useful. I have maxed both. But gave emblems to Vanda only


Both good but you need to see who you pair them with

@AirHawk how do you mean? Are there situations where Vanda is better?

Multiple styles

I use Grazul to stall time and speed minor mana for my Wilbur - cMarjana - Azlar combo

Vanda is pretty good but it’s not a mana full and fire type hero. It’s meant to save your a$$ when your enemy is about to debuff you. Both runs similar ways. If you use both you will have 2 lifesavers in your offense team.

Defense wise both are average.


Yes. You need both for war depth, especially if most of the alliances you battle don green tanks.


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