Grazul talent grid, which way to go?

I need some opinions and advice which way to go. I just finished leveling Grazul and have app. 250 emblems for her. Anybody who gave Grazul emblems and if so what was the path you choose?

She will be used for offense most of the time in war and maybe raids (Have Gravemaker too who is in my main team)

Thanks in advance for sharing, appreciated!

Cheers Wim

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I don’t have her but I would say HP and D since that is what you want. She needs to live to be annoying as all get out.


As Rockstar said the Defense Health paths are the best for support heroes with no damage.
By following the defense route you’ll have a Grazul with
673 attack
931 defense
1556 health

while following the health route you’ll have a Grazul with
676 attack
853 defense
1700 health

I think that the first one is the best when you’ll give her a mana troop and the second when you’ll give her a crit troop.


Thank you both! I think I will follow the defense route. i have manatroops at 11 :slight_smile:

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