Grazul Resist

I have noticed that when Grazul has her resist active on the team. They will resist the first special, randomly it won’t reaistcthe second special. Like if Kunchen fires his defense down, it will resist then if Drake Fong fires his blind doesn’t resist. I was under the understanding that she should resist for 2 turns, not 2 specials.

It should.

K personally haven’t noticed this. Are you sure her special is still active when (in your example) drake Fong fired?

Grazul is one of my main heroes, but I haven’t run into this. Is it possible a special went off that dispelled the buff? It doesn’t resist being dispelled.

I recommend you record it (if possible) so a bug report can be made.

I use grazul all the time and have never experienced this.

Need a video for confirmation.

Are you sure that the first hero that fired its special did not have dispel as a part of the special? It is possible that Grazul’s resist got dispelled on the first attack, allowing the next special to take effect on your team.

So, after watching a few videos, and paying attention to it, I am pretty sure that it was dispelled prior to Drake Fong firing. Sorry for the confusion, thank you for the feedback.


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