Grazul resist glitches (again)?

I searched the forums and saw reports of Grazul glitches, but they were closed in December. This Avalon event, I am experiencing a couple of problems. 1) she is not protecting team from status ailments (such as “mana steal” which is clearly listed as an ailment; and 2) the number of turns is sometimes 1 not 2.
She seems to work correctly on and off…

Mana cut is not a status ailment.

Status ailments are indicated by the enemy hero putting a little symbol on your hero card. Mana cut (from Guinevere and bauchan among other heroes) does not put a symbol on your heroes and thus is not a status effect.

See here for a full list of status effects (both positive and negative)

There are only 3 heroes who have the potential to stop mana cut from an enemy special skill:

  • Seshat who has an innate resistance
  • Ursena special reflect will bounce mana cut back at yellow mana cutters (moot as they will have 0 mana after firing their special but hey)
  • Mitsuko would do the same as Ursena IF there was a blur mana cutter.

5 heroes actually; Poseidon’s mana shield buff ManaShield and Red Hood’s :fox_face: minions both also prevent mana reductions.

Grazul’s buff AilmentShield does not prevent mana cuts however – mana cuts aren’t considered ailments, instead the game considers them “negative effects”

This would definitely be a bug though – if you can reproduce it with a video or screenshot, that would be very helpful for staff.


Can’t remember which way guardian chameleon works. But potentially Bauchan or carver could be blue mana cutters

No Bauchen is a red hero
Carver is a green hero.

But guardian chameleon’s special is to change the opposition’s colours. So if fired once, one of them would be blue, and if fired twice the other would be.

I admit that someone taking 3*s to fight a team containing both guardian chameleon and mitsuko, and surviving both their specials, is unlikely, but theoretically possible.

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