Grazul or boldusk costume with aethers?

I was wondering is it worth to give grazul rings or give aethers to boldusk with higher stats from the costume? What do you think?

If you’re dead set on one or the other,
Here’s a breakdown:

C.Boldtusk LB before/after
ATK 621 :arrow_right: 674
DEF 736 :arrow_right: 799
HP 1230 :arrow_right: 1336

Grazul LB before/after
ATK 628 :arrow_right: 675
DEF 817 :arrow_right: 879
HP 1406 :arrow_right: 1512


C.Boldtusk +53 / +63 / +106
Grazul +47 / +62 / +106

@yelnats_24 :point_up_2: C.Boldtusk wins :joy:
minus speed and immunity anyway

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I broke my costumed Boldtusk+20. His strength rose from 780 to 800 and after giving hom the 5 extra levels he is 830, this and his stats are in accordance with a S1 5* heroe with 15-17 emblemed levels.

The last war showed that his survivability was significantly improved.


Would you prefer one from another ? Would you do them both?

Eh… honestly… I concentrate on my offensive heroes.
Those are the ones that I actually get to play with.

But… I see Grazul every now and then. Her immunity can be problematic at times. Neither scare me much defensively. I do use Grazul on offense. But… not my preferred red weapon.

I’d say this is one of those how the rest of your roster fits in and what your play style needs are

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I won’t give aethers to grazul . I will give rings so she gets to 4.80. So my question is does grazul worth the rings to get to 4.80 or c-boldusk with aethers eliminates the need of a red “healer” ( each one gives different buff though and have different speed)

Any chance I can see your other reds?

I have fully maxed c-azlar, marjana , tyr, khaghan, gm, reuben and thinking to give my 6 rings to grazul or yang mai. But considering bold with aethers (or Wilbur maybe?) instead of waiting for the 5* aether for gm

If it were me

I would definitely do that!
That’s a hands-down no regret situation in the future.
Especially… tied to his HOTM skill!
I don’t have Yang. But she looks semi-fun to me for that very rare offensive red.
If you are struggling with enemy ailments at all however, Grazul won’t disappoint you for support.

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Grazul is great on offence but not as the main healer, her main use is the ailment block at VF speed imo.

If you are looking for a healer only, I’d say BT with emblems and LB will be great, plus costume bonus.

That said, don’t discount grazul because of the useful ailment protection, though she gets less use these days with less dot heavy teams. And garnet is better for me so she’s down the pecking order now


I must be the odd ball out but I am completely against limit breaking healers or just heroes that do not have scaling specials. Allow me to explain.

Limit breaking increases the stats of your hero. If we take a hero like Boldtusk for instance, limit breaking him does not in any way improve his special. His heal% remains the same as does the attack buff. You can argue that the heal and attack buff is greater on him, it does not however change when he fires for the rest of his team. Now take a hero like Colen. The more stats he gets, the stronger his special becomes. I saw a reddit post earlier of an LB c.Colen with over 900+ attack. To me, that is a worthy limitbreak.

TL;DR - Stop using limitbreaks on heroes that do not have scaling specials. Use them on heroes that do more damage or become tankier (i.e. Krampus).


I’ll do them both… especially if you find your healer die too often.

By the time you get 5* aether for GM, there is a high probability that you already have enough 3* and 4* aether to limit break both GM and Boldtusk Costume.

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What about the elemental def down titan specialists? The % doesn’t change, but the damage and survivability increase will bring higher scores and lower battle item usage

All the elemental def down heroes with the exception of Falcon are worthy candidates for aethers IMO. I exclude Falcon because, well no matter how many emblems you give him, his attack is still going to suck. His defense will be out of this world but ask anyone that chases titan scores, its all about that attack stat. These heroes are also commonly used in raids and so are very versatile. I boil down my choices to this:

Elemental Def Down/tanks > Versatile offense/defense heroes

I rate tanks equal to ele def down heroes because they are important to wars where your contribution has an impact on your alliance’s performance. Having a stronger LB Tank can be very beneficial albeit somewhat one-dimensional.

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Many people use 4* healers in their raid/war teams. Against 5*s this can at times be a weak link as these healers die before they get their special off, especially the more fragile ones such as C Mel and C Sabina. Limit breaking these will give a significant boost in durability which can mean that the dispel will be available at the right time to counter Krampus or Sif, and consequently turn a loss into a win.

A strong attack special can impact an outcome, and wiill have a positive impact on chasing titan or event scores. However, it will rarely be the lose or win scenario described above. That is why if you are having issues in keeping your critical 4* heroes alive LBing them is a good use of the resources


Tanks? You wanna limit break those heroes?

All I can say is that heroes that are ideal for tanking are short-lived. With the change of meta, tanks also needed to be changed. Ares, Guinevere, Kunchen, and even Telluria were indeed the forces to be reckoned with during their heydays. Unlike emblems, aethers cannot be recovered once used. I would think twice limit breaking heroes serving as tanks.

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I wouldn’t break one one of these…

Why not twenty times?

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Once you have used Grazul at 4/80. You won’t go back. Especially on a mono red.

Nothing you’ve said disproves what I’ve already stated. Nothing I’ve said was wrong. Nothing you’ve said is wrong either. They are opinions.

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