Grazul – New September 2019 HOTM (Hero of the Month): First Thoughts & Discussion

Thank you…I was under the impression that would be blocked as well. That means that Grazul is only 1/2 a solution to Neith. :frowning:

I have both Grazul and Azlar fully maxed out with 9 talents for Grazul and 10 for Azlar. Once i got grazul up to Azlar level i took him out of my defense team and started using Grazul instead.

As others have mentioned she is much better suited for offense. I feel that having fast mana vs slow mana is more advantageous.

I like them both, Azlar was my first 5 star hero so he has a special place in my heart.

My D team is Lianna-Sartana-Frida-Grazul-Joon.

Frida has average mana but my fast blue is magni but he seems to go down too fast.

All in all i like them both but it really depends on what you are looking for. If it’s to have fun when you attack it’s definitely Grazul! But then again it’s just my opinion.

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Grazul even stops the shuffling of heroes by Cheshire Cat lol wow.


I haven’t had the chance to see that yet, but good to know. Thanks!

Anyone annoyed that February HOTM just seems like a better Grazul, in a way?

No because Feb HotM will be nerfed and likely lose 1-2 components of his special skill as it currently sits… There’s too many effects all of which are too powerful.

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Yeah good point. I’m very curious to see where he lands.

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Yup, its why I’ve just been keeping an eye on the new HotM threads but not commenting yet… I’ll wait till after the first round of Beta Testing before passing any judgement.

That’s smart. I haven’t been playing long enough to confirm if they intentionally unveil OP heroes to create a huge buzz and then inevitably nerf them before they’re made available, but it does look that way

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Nope, not annoyed.

Very fast vs fast meaning 1 tile less, which is a simple 3 match ghost tile vs 1 tile more.
Seems no difference at all, but in real play it is a lot of difference.

Then Jean turn only defence down status ailments. Blue is full of that, but Jean can’t counter Gravemakers, Drakes, Other Jean and so on…

He is a good replace for those who don’t have Gravemakers (as running both could be sub-optimal, as the 2 burn effect overwrite each other).

Right now he is a very good attacker, but not a safe net as Grazul.

I have her and use her literally everywhere.
Pure love.


No she doesnt. She only stops the dot

I did 80 pulls for sheshat…got nothing did 5 pulls for other heroes got 2 grazul… at first I wasn’t interested …but then I started lvl her up… then I maxed her out… wow she is an awesome addition to my team… I love going up against a team where all 5 heroes can give me nasty ailments
… and they never get a chance to as grazul is firing off every 2-3 turns. She has a perfect 10 in the fun factor… and her special is awesome to watch


Maxed her, I think she’s great, but my main red 4-stack for raids/wars is still Gravemaker (+9), Boldtusk (+12), Wilbur, Falcon (+20).

What is your way to pair her with other heros on offense?

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Zim - Mitsuko - Grazul - Azlar - Wilbur

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I bust out the 2-3 often, Grazul, Mitsuko, Anzogh, Khiona, Seshat. I change out Mitsuko with G. Falcon or Wilbur if there are no blue damage dealers. The combinations are endless. 2-3, mono, etc. Fits in a lot of teams. Once you clear a hole in the defense, ghosting 3 tiles (w/ lvl 11 mana troops) for heal becomes nice, real nice especially if you can get a 2nd ghost immediately after for the 30% heal. You can get an almost dead team fully healed in 3 turns with a good board ghosting.


Ohhhh I try every Atlantis to find mitsuko… she is playing hard to get… grazul and mitsuko would be awesome together

Grazul is my first red 5* that I maxed. If you don’t have a Level 11+ mana troop to get her going in two matches, I would daresay she’s not very useful at all. She can take a punch but doesn’t shift the momentum a battle with her special in any significant way like great heroes do. Maybe with field aid she can be a solo healer but otherwise she needs help. Have since maxed Ariel and she is much more useful. Grazul is losing her emblems inna minute.


Thought that she was meh and didn’t need her much in mid platinum. But going up diamond shows her great ability on offense. Raiding is much much easier.

Great heroine!!

She’s so great, isn’t she?

I’ve lost count of the times Grazul has COMPLETELY NULLIFIED top shelf heroes like Gravemaker, Hel, Zeline, and Onatel.

She’s just fantastic, and pairs well with GM. Six red tiles and I’m in control of the board. Love her.


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