Grazul – New September 2019 HOTM (Hero of the Month): First Thoughts & Discussion

Think that’s Posideons thing …

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She does not block Li or Guin, she blocks Onatel (who IMO is much more dangerous as an attacker)


Well I did pull her 2x, same as Anzogh.

Anzogh is currently sitting @ 3/70, waiting for a ring, I have used him for wars with relatively good results.

Does anyone have them both, and can advise who should I ascend first? I have Zim and Santa maxed out (the old guy is my tank).

I have both Anzogh and Grazul. With Anzogh currently at 3/70 awaiting rings. However, with Grazul having fast mana I have decided to level her first. Good luck

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Have you played with her already? I haven’t even started to work on her yet.

She looks promising though.

In addition to the other replies here, you can check the Ailments section on this topic: 📑 Status Effects - Buffs and Ailments

As @zephyr1 points out, mana reductions aren’t considered status effects by the game. The description of a skill/status effect is usually very explicit when it is supposed to resist/block mana reductions.


Just faced a defense with a maxed Grazul in flank.
I was focused on the kunchen tank.

Anyways killed kunchen and Grazul but not before she went off.

Fired panther at drake and alasie but they didn’t have the dark defense down. Thought it was a bug, then later realized it was from Grazul.

Anyways, it just delayed the kill, just as if kage and Victor were attacking before a panther slash.

Wasn’t impressed with her on defense.


Maxed her and start replace other heroes from my attacking team (like Hel, lmao).
Such confidence with her.

I had one match i let Azlar shoot at me on purpose, and that was priceless. Nothing to be afraid, and 3 ghost tiles and she was up again.
Curious to see how she goes on pair with Black Knight, since status protection and taunt seems working really well togheter, almost like a Zimkitty duo.

I also intend to use her in my war defence at flank, supporting my Guinevre and 3 hitters.
Really excited to see how they goes.


Lets see what happens. 2nd HoTM in a row. Which means next month hopefully follows the rule of three.


Congratulations! I’m also hoping to get lucky next month.


I final ascended and maxed Grazul today, only cause I was so sure BlackKnight was not in the cards for me. FML

Here’s hoping I get another set of rings sometime in the near future.


That’s why you wait until the event ends lol. Congrats on BK though!


No doubt, sincerely didn’t think I’d have that kind of luck fall onto me, having gotten Lady. Will certainly be even more reluctant to use my mats during any events from here on out lol

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All in all, a pretty great problem to have lol.

I pulled him first and was pretty meh about it until I did some reading about him and realized how great he is.

Would you have for sure maxed BK if you had him before you maxed Grazul… I’m in a similar predicament.

You know, it was brought to my attention that had I ascended BK, I’d be in the same predicament I am with every other Barbarian emblem hero. (My GM and Kage). It would have been really tough to pull emblems off Kage to justify BK as a tank with emblems. Something I totally ignored.

So in hindsight. Knowing what I realize now, I’m glad I ascended Grazul. But if I had gotten him beforehand, I wouldn’t have given a second thought about it, he would have got mats.


Used Grazul at 4/50.

Great at offense especially in a red stack but still mediocre at defense. Still need to max her to try again.


How are you liking Santa? Pros cons?

I met her this morning, for the first time. She was talented, on left flank. OK, good position, obviously, but she sucks in defense. I mean, the only good thing she could do, that protection for 2 turns. Too few and until the time I charged Drake, the turns were gone. Game over quickly. She was the only healer and the healing it is insignificant. I agree with you, in offense may be great, especially because you control her, not AI. Anyway, I’m not upset anymore for not getting her. To be honest, I didn’t even try, only about 30 pulls at event (30 on both accounts). Kingston is the real prize, next month.

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I didn’t really want her but did 10 avalon pulls and got her. I guess I’ve used all my luck and I’ll have to say goodbye to Kingston now :stuck_out_tongue: .
I’ve had decent luck with Hotm’s, more than the advertised 1.3% I think. Some are a bit niche though like Aegir and Khiona, wish I could exchange them for Frida and Evelyn.
I’m not sure about Grazul, might be nice with Aegir. There are not many green tanks though which is a pity.

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