Grazul needs a buff

Title says it all. Grazul in her current form is extremely underwhelming. Either make her heal 25% or her resist last for 4 turns. Then she might be usable. Right now she is good for practically nothing. I am seriously regretting using rings on her now, which is my fault I know but show grazul some love and make her worthy of the fight. HOTM`s are meant to be a bit special aren’t they?

I don’t regret a single mat I used for maxing Grazul. I think she’s pretty awesome and I might even max a second one. :astonished:

Getting her special off with just 6 red tiles is amazing for offense (granted you have a lvl 11 mana troop for her). Especially with all those Zeline, GM, Drake & Kunchen centers she’s of great use with her ailment immunity. The heal for me really is just secondary. So no buff needed imho. :slight_smile:


The question is how are you using her?
Are you stacking? Who are the others in the team?
Are you using to attack or defend?

Have tried her in all roles, not been that impressed with her in any tbh. The 2 turn resist is just too fiddly to use that effectively. Even if it was 3 turns would make a big difference.

Maybe im just using her incorrectly…

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No, she doesnt need a buff. Maybe you are just using her wrong! I have been winning so many battles against Gravemaker thanks to her!!! She is the perfect hero to face the most overpowered hero in the game


On offense, she is superb in a red stack and also against defenses with a lot of debuffs.
She is not one of those full charge and fire heroes.

On defense, she is best positioned at flank with a tough tank. With her mana speed, she can keep them alive for longer periods of time.

Grazul is definitely not underpowered.

& I have to say, a 25% heal, or 4 turn immunity duration for the entire team, would be extremely overpowered at very fast mana. Think about it; it takes 6 tiles (6.5 without level 11 mana troops) to charge a very fast hero. The best healer in the game [Ariel] takes 10 tiles to charge, and she heals 40%. At that rate, Grazul would fire nearly twice by the time it takes Ariel to fire once, and she’d be healing 10% more than Ariel, too. That’s insane considering she’ll go off more often.

& The immunity at four turns would be entirely broken. Going back to Ariel, she had a four turn immunity duration tacked onto her already amazing SS [in beta], and that made her too good. Obviously the SG team agreed, as they removed that part of her special, so pushing for Grazul to have that very same SS duration at very fast speed would be a terrible idea. After firing once, Grazul, as well as her entire team, would be nearly invincible during battle, as Grazul would be firing every few turns. Therefore, Grazul’s all allies immunity would rarely have the opportunity to go down. No thank you.

I think Grazul is fine as is. I voiced upping Grazul’s heal up from 10% to 15% [in beta], and I’m happy that the SG team listened. 20% would be pushing the line, but that’s as high as she could possibly go without completely breaking this game, and making all other slower healers obsolete in the process. Even still, I don’t think an up to 20% is necessary, but if you’re pushing for any buffs, that one would be the most likely (ie upping the heal % slightly, but no higher than 20).

But I’ll say it again: there is absolutely no way the immunity will be anything but a two turn duration; that would make Grazul OP for sure. I don’t think anyone wants to deal with that nonsense while raiding. That is, unless you’re intentionally out there looking for some headache inducing battles while raiding, but I know I’m not… yikes :sweat_smile:


Ok, so it would seem that I was not using her properly so i took some time to play with her and pay a bit more attention to what i was doing, and I have to say in offense she is actually very good and does not need buffing. The resist for 2 turns is fine if you just pay attention to when you need to fire it. Now I have given her mana troops she is fine in offense. Defense i still think she is not much use though.


I’ve had raids where she went off 3-4 times in a row. Two turns for her special is plenty.

Hahah no way does she need a buff (id love one solely because i have her) because she is already well balanced.

I have won so many ■■■■ battles because of her. She is fantastic and has saved my ■■■ so many times.

Ya know all those heroes who are so wonderful because of their added ability? Gravemaker, Justice, Sartana, Proteus, Drake, Insarnia, Azlar, Kunchen, Grimm, etc. etc. etc.

Well now they are all easy as hell to take out. So many heroes who are terrifying are now mild threats at best.

Grazul is wonderful.


Just 2 turns its ridiculous for a HOTM, even when we are talking about a very fast hero. Shes insignificant against teluria/vela/Grave, with a buff she will be great hero, but like this… its just garbage.

Healing 30% and immunity for 4 turns or even a attack bosster tuns, was very acceptable, at the moment its underwhelming

its practically useless hero for the big stages, which is a shame because she has so much potential.

Disagree with the latest comment sorry, I use Grazul as part of every red stack and she makes the current dot heroes useless if you can time it right. With 6 tiles this is doable around 50% of the time, and yes sometimes you can get it wrong (especially if you have tile cascades) but it’s so much better to have 2 turns very fast than 3 turns at fast or average. You just need to be very careful about where you put your tiles to try to make them all go off at once.

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30% heal and 4 turns of immunity with very fast speed?!? Hahaha girl keep dreaming because that is so unrealistic. Grazul is a fantastic hotm.


in the current meta, shes extremely useful for raiding tell+vel teams, which means in 90%+ raids.

I use her pretty much nonstop as it’s very rare to see anything other than the same defense teams north of 2600 trophies.

That said, I think she could use a minor tweak or two, be it increasing her tile damage or adding cure status ailments to her special ontop of resist. I think given that she is pretty much only amazing on offense in raids against debuff/dot heavy defense teams, focusing on juicing her attack instead of giving her absurdly tanky stats would be reasonable tweak. Not unlike what we saw with Gormeck. If her stats were modelled on Sabine’s, I’m sure everybody would be a lot happier with her.

Anyone who uses her regularly will agree that her use case is extremely focused and that the game would be more fun if she could be used in more settings.


No you got it wrong, she needs a buff… but not by buffing her special Heal/protection, because from the right platform the special is in pretty good balance.
Its the fact she is all def/protection oriented but for some weird reason shes the squishiest egg in the box.
She could have the same basic survivability as Aegir or Telluria… but no, she doest. She drops like a sack of coins as soon as the opposing team starts to get mana…
its not what she does for others, its for what she doesnt do for her own survival that bothers me atleast.

She needs some love, that part is true… but not by OPing the 15%heal or the protection.

Rather make her sturdier and perhaps make the elemental link chromatic…

Brought to you by @oggiez and the goat

What were you sayin about similar survivability?

All 3 with similar base stats but she heals faster than the other 2 plus she prevents ailments

They actually have a better chance at dying before 9 or 10 tiles than she does before 6 or 7…

Personally my only complaint about her is that i don’t have another half dozen of her to max or else i would have already maxed 2 more not including the 1 already maxed…


yes so to my point, she is too “survivable” … let’s move 100 points out of hp and into her attack, and then she will truly be a wonder.

Lol pair her with bt or zim, problem solved

Or give her cleric emblems since outside of white rabbit they’re pretty useless for defense anyways

Literally one of the most useful reds in the game and here people are askin for a buff…then the general playerbase wonders why player requests don’t get taken seriously :man_facepalming:


I pretty much run this lineup almost exclusively on offense these days, I’m beginning to forget what it was like choosing a lineup for each raid lol.

I still think Grazul doesnt need to be a gigantic sponge if she is intended for offense.


So that paladin talent on the others doesnt add to their survivability?.
The fact they have a stop/regroup kindof special while she has a light ”pickmeup” with 2turns immunity vs ailments doesnt weigh in?.

Or it might just be the sad and tragic fact that i mostly pick out grazul for airtime when GTV is in my way i.e 99% of the raids, and that Vela has a 7of10 chance to solo a red team when hiding behind a telluria.

She could be at a new speed ”superduper fast” with 2tiles charge and the light pickmeup-heal would still not be enough for her to count as the healer of the band.

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