Grazul, Mitsuko, & Sumitomo Mana Generation

Has anyone tried playing these hero’s together? With Grazul’s link bonus for 4% mana generation for red hero’s plus the family bonus of 7% for Mitsuko and Sumitomo, I’m kinda interested how well that works out! Thoughts??

Two heroes of Sakura family is just a 2% mana bonus. But that’s enough to matter if paired with Grazul, as that gives Mitsuko and Sumitomo (2%) a 6% mana bonus after Grazul fires.

That’s a nice number to have, if you have a mana troop for Mitsuko. A level 1 red mana troop gives 5% mana. That would bring Mitsuko to 13%, which means she charges in 9 tiles instead of 10. :slight_smile:

You’d need a level 5 mana troop to bring Sumitomo to 7 tiles, instead of 8.

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@DaveCozy @zephyr1 @Kerridoc so do the different mana buffs add cumulatively 2% + 4% + whatever % from mana troops?

Yes, any Mana buffs from Troops, Family Bonuses, and Element Link are cumulative — but Element Link is obviously only active when Grazul’s Special Skill has fired, so you’d have to time your tile matches after that, which can be fairly difficult to make use of in practice.