Grazul is not healing correct % with Tritons healing boost

When tritons skill is used The increase in healing +39% is only 3.9% healing. Grazul’s skill of 15% healing should go up to 54% and it’s only showing 18.9% Please fix this. Thanks


Triton’s buff gives +39% increase for any healing received for 4 turns. So with his buff Grazul’s heal becomes 15×1.39 = 20.85 ~ 21%. It is is not 54%.

For example, in your screenshot with Triton buff Grazul healed Santa for an amount of 321, which is 321/1546 = 0.2076 ~ 21% of his total HP, which also means you are using a crit troop on him. If you were using a mana troop, the healing bonus will add up even more. As is the case for Grazul whose heal is more than 21% of her HP, indicating you are using a 4* mana troop on her (max level 2, my guess).

So it is working as intended. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


Well, I think there is a missunderstanding.
It is not 15+39%, its 15% + 39% of 15%.


I gotta commend on the expectation though, very bold.


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