Grazul don't stunned from Miki

Hello to all.
During last war, i’d a battle against tem with Grazule. Close to end of battle my Miki made stun for Grazule, but at next turn she use healing. As you see on screenshot Grazul has a sign that she is under Miki stun.
It impossible if Grazule did her ultimate before Mikki’s ultimate. So, Miki ult first, why she ult after? She has to be stunned for 4 turns, has she?

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It actually looks like what she has is Mana Protection:

Along with Special Skill protection:

Which likely means that team also had Poseidon on it, who would block Miki’s Silence.

I also note that player’s regular Defense has Poseidon as tank, further supporting their War Defense probably has him too, and that was the cause.

Grazul is also a Cleric, so she could Mana Shield from a Silence anyway — but given the status effects on her and Sartana, she wouldn’t have needed to.


She also have Status Effect protection, like this:

She cannot get any bad status effect under this shield. I guess, Grazul’s one have preference.

That’s from firing after Miki had fired, per the OP.

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Agree, yes, then Poseidon’s one have precendence.

And this is a reason why I want Poseidon more than Joon)

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Damn! I’ve forgotten about this bloody Poseidon. I’ve made 6/6 on that war, so probably, at the end of that battle, i was so relaxing and lose ult from Poseidon.
Thanks guys!


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