Grazul became a “key-hero” in Raids?!

Am I the only one who thinks, the importance of Grazul has Increased in offensive since the appearance of Vela and JF?

In Top 100 or even in Top 1000, is hard to find a team with no GM/Vela/JF in flank( we all know who the tank is:D) and as a very fast healer who blocks Fire and water damage, Grazul is a perfect choice to make “DoT heroes “ useless.

I only have 7 maxed 5* and besides Grazul the only fire hero I have is Marjana, maybe that is why I “overrate” her.

Do you agree with me or I just give her more credit than she deserves?


Grazul has always been a key hero against non-pure damage dealers :slight_smile:


In my honest opinion, Grazul is being used more and more since the introduction of Both Telluria and Jean-Francois


Exactly, a Malosi-Garzul combination could be deadly, if you are lucky to get them both:)


I remember the time. I pulled grazul the third time without really summoning much. Was quite didappointed.

Now I am glad that with one ob 3 70 I have a good counter hero in my roster. After JF and mitsuko I will definitely take the two grazuls on 3 70 too.

As soon as I will face up green Tellu tanks in war (wont be too soon, were not top500) I will have a plan to deal with it.

Still a hard def, but yes!! Grazul tends to be important. Clarissa will set this up to another level and makes grazul even more powerful

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100% true. Finally Grazul is showing why she is a truly great HoTM. She is my 1st and only (until now) bonus HoTM (I got another past HotM from Atlantis once), and to be honest, I was not that happy when I got her. I don’t think she is a game changer with her special…until 2020

As you said, today, Vela, JF and Telly become the generic defense team on diamond league. Not to mention another popular option is GM, Onatel, and Drake Fong, All of them with their own annoying special. Grazul become more and more useful in this situation, especially when combined with rigard.

Another good news for me is when I got that killbunny. The hare is very powerful but cursed with devastated drawback. Fortunately the drawback can be prevented by Grazul.

In short, Grazul is a Key Hero :slight_smile:
Anchor should upgrade her score :slight_smile:

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Well, I must admit that I use Grazul way more often than in pre-Telluria-times. But I don’t think that Grazul is a game changer on its own. I rather think, that the game is getting faster and faster during the last months and years. To focus on fast and very fast heores is the best thing one can do in my opinion. Sure there are average and slow heroes with annoying and tremendous specials but those are useles if you do not manage to load and fire them…
To be clear, I don’t like this situation to a hundred percent, but it seems to me that’s the way the game is tending more and more… :thinking:

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Malosi is very fast, same with next month’s Clarissa. I agree with you that the game is become faster and faster


And Clarissa is the next hero that increases Grazuls importance tremendously.


There will come more and more effect killing, effect reflecting, effect preventing and so on heroes in the future.

Tellu will stay on number 1 pvp and war defense for a very long time. So did kunchen before.

Next to grazul we all know gato as a effect preventing hero.

I am very sure that not that long in the future, there will be a 4 Star effect preventing hero.
Maybe new heroes in sand event or halloween event.

Think it’s kinda cool how people using good tactics to use hero’s to there advantage

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I giggle a little bit every time I can fire Grazul to completely nullify JF. :wink:


Yes I just today got this combo

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I think some of the heroes of the month are “ahead of their time”, so to speak.

I’ve had her maxed since I pulled her and now she is very useful in winning raids against Telluria and Vela opponents.

Grimble is another example. He seemed pretty meh at the time, but with a lot of minion heroes coming up, his worth will eventually increase. I have him at 3/70 and have used him to win raids against minion heavy opponents. I have too many purples in the queue for maxing our before i get to him, but in a few months, he could become a key hero in raid offenses.


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