Gravemaker - will he return?

I am just wondering if gravemaker will ever make a re-appearance…have been playing a long time and have never seen him available?

He should return in one of the Atlantis summons, as a returning HotM. There’s actually a thread of people trying to guess which hero will be next.

I have never been lucky enough to pull him either…

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My prediction is this month to make up for the lack of revenue from bunny event. But take that with a grain of salt…

Before this turns into a second version of the other thread of endless guesses of when Gravemaker will return, here’s the other thread that @LadyAnesthesia mentioned:

Please continue speculative discussion over there. :slight_smile:

This thread is a duplicate, and will be closed, but left visible for people searching to find their way to the existing thread. Thanks!

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