Gravemaker vs Red Hood

I got both today, and of course i’ve got just enough rings for one. Classic dilemna.

My preference goes to Red Hood for the moment since my 5* healer pool = 3/70 Vivica, plus my Nat fills her role well enough.

My current 5* 4/80 roster: Joon, Sartana, Alasie, Perseus, Natalya, Zeline.

Any thoughts?

They are both good, Red Hood is “something new” but if I were to choese Id say Gravemaker:
it increase a tiny bit my red attack and its a very fast napalm-machine gun. I like it.

Red Hood could be useful while attacking Guinevere or other new fable’s event heroes or to slow down attackers in AW

Depends on what you are using her for - titans/raids/AW/etc.

Well my priorities are: Raids > Titans > AW > Défense.
Kinda classic i Guess.

2500 cups on average, i usually skip 2 raids out of 3 since i avoid Guin 100%.

How did Red Hood really perform in beta against Guin?

I don’t have access to beta but I can guess that it could be useful but not as optmal as doubling/tripling purple… sadly.

If your priority is raid ATTACK then I prefer gravemaker.

Red hood wasn’t anything special against Guin. Gravemaker is better on raid attack against Guiin from my playing in beta.

Yeah I would expect that with them both being Average Mana that by the time Redhood is charged Gwen is either dead or has gone off already. Didn’t get to see much Beta footage though so just speculation.