Gravemaker talent tree

For me a hero like isarnia is obvious. Slow mana AoE with high attack but weak defense screams raise the defense.

I think the trickier choices will be the more balanced heros like grave, drake, and evelyn. All 3 have both attack and defense over 700 unless I’m mistaken.


I totally plan to raise Isarnia as a nuclear bomb.

Best defence is attack :face_with_monocle:


Lol i think sometimes you wake up just to contradict me :face_with_monocle:


Ahuahua, nope your reasoning has much sense.

But some people (like me) simply want some extreme outcomes.

Damage Per Move versus Total Damage Output

Games like Pokémon GO have shown Damage Per Move or Damage Per Second are very important in timed situations but Total Damage Output is more important in resource situations.

For Empires I am more concerned with TDO so Defense & HP would be my answer, except:

Non-dispellable, Pure Damage Over Time

Natalya and Morgan Le Fay are non-dispellable Damage Over Time which bypasses reflect damage AND defense stat. With the current cost of emblem resetting, these are the only two 5* heroes I would emblem offensive branch.

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This is a great question and one that will get different answers as time passes. I can tell you from my testing, GM needs balance. He already has good HP and Defense so focusing more on attack makes sense. However don’t ignore the defense and HP trees. In Beta I took the second and second last trees for the HP and Defense buffs and the rest focused on attack. It worked really well.


I think the trickier choices will be the more balanced heros like grave, drake, and evelyn. All 3 have both attack and defense over 700 unless I’m mistaken

Yeah I was thinking about what I’d eventually do with Evelyn once I get her maxed.

RN I’m leaning towards focusing on increasing her attack. I recall that some people on the forums shared concerns in beta that she might be “too good” in her previous version. This is despite being G.Panther for the most part with a different element.

In the end SG kept all her stats, and debuff skills the same but nerfed her SS damage from 225% to 210%

My guess is they chose to nerf this is because her skill does nearly the same amount of raw damage that panther does.

G.P 786 • 210% = 1,650.60

E.V 727 • 225% = 1,635.75

Since she already had the edge of being far harder to kill than G.Panther, (far better defense stat, marginally better health stat, w/ a 24% heal) — they probably felt having her S.S doing the same amount of damage probably tipped the balance a little too much.

So if beta testers thought having her skill damage being any higher makes her too much of a savage: I think trying to raise her attack stats with troops and the skill tree to try to mimic it would be the best for her.

As for Drake Fong; he and Evelyn are nearly stat-twins, and they both are considered to already have an A score in both Defense and Offense but only a B vs titans. So I also think his attack should be risen since that would make him a bit better on titans.

If you have any doubt go for attack :face_with_monocle:

Need a better tank? Attack.
Need a better sniper? Attack.
Need a better girlfriend? Attack.


Gravemaker I think is dubious to pidgeon hole as a tank and the reason he is such an effective tank is his DoT. If you neglect his DoT it will do less damage as players increase thier defense. Making gravemaker less then ideal as a tank.

In other words I think it’s a double edged sword if you go all defense you neglect his damage and he still becomes a worse tank.

If you go balanced he might be an ok tank but never to his max potential.

If you go all atk he becomes significantly stronger on atk his tile damage goes up his special damage goes up and his talent goes up. He might not be the best tank anymore but he will always be a great flank and/or wing.

My suggestion go atk and find a better tank. Kuchen, guin, ares, Delilah, Santa or the new awesome tanks in khiona and inari. Seriously rogue tanks are a pain. Forcing players to rely on tile damage only charges those tanks up faster. Or they can try thier luck with special damage and have a 1/3 chance to do no damage. You can’t even silence talents as it’s innate. It makes rogues very durable.


Rogue tanks are definitely going to be the most annoying skill tree talent to go up against. Cleric tanks are probably gonna be a strong second place after more 5* cleric heroes come out.

I feel bad for anyone who joins this game in like 2020 when all of us have been getting tokens for our defense teams for a year— getting to diamond or even platinum will probably be an even harder grind


You might not be able to mana block reliable a healer tank but you can easily nueter most cleric tanks w Perseus… kuchen might be the exception to that rule because He’s so durable.

Sargasso would be decent too if his heal block wasn’t debuffable.

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Thing is, Elkanen was included in the Cleric class, and he hits and only heals himself— so from this we know that its possible for the future cleric heroes to be hitters with tanky stats.

Looking at the 4*s: Rigard, Boril, Agwe, Gafar, and Hansel were all classified as Clerics. So not only can clerics be hitters, they don’t even have to be healers.

It seems like SG will be inclined enough to allow a hero to be a cleric if they do atleast one of the following;

• Heal

• Buff

• Cure Status Ailments

And it doesn’t matter whether the caster only heals/buffs/cures themself alone, or if they heal/buff/cure the whole team

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“Barbarian Am Smash”

+90 ATK
+3% ATK

+54 DEF
+3% DEF

+72 HP
+4% HP

+mana troop

I opt for attack also > titans and raids; titans> needs more heroes to be ‘tallented’ but overall am and emblems will come faster.
Defense is for raid and war; defense raid is not rellevant in my opinion; for war you can use attack players when aid field is on.

:+1: :sunglasses:

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It’s called: Catenaccio :grin:

20 liberos

Hey everyone!! After reading everything I can about Gravemaker’s emblems, I’ve come to the conclusion that if I’m gonna keep Telly as tank then I should go attack all the way for GM… Between D from troops plus Telly’s minions acting as extra D/HP, GM is covered there, so I should pump his atk as high as I can… Does anyone disagree with this??

If I had him I’d probably go atk, too. You have several paths where you can choose atk+def anyway. My Azlar gets +6 DoT per atk-emblem thats more than +40 DoT in total when he is fully emblemed. Not sure if GMs DoT increases at the same rate.

I’m beginning his last ascension in a few lvls… I just tapped his ascension page & tapped the little icon showing the difference between 7/8 Special & 8/8 Special… I already have his Special maxed but when I tapped it his Burn goes from 238 to 252, net gain of 14… I don’t know if that means his Burn goes to 252 with his last ascension or atk emblem… I also got Clarissa at the same time… Even though I’ll get some emblem conflicts I’m curious about a D team with both GM & Clarissa flanking Telly with Seshat & someone else on the wings… Clarissa gives Dark +30% D against specials so I was hoping that might make up a bit for running 2 Darks… I just like the idea of making the enemy fight under both Burn & Poison damage simultaneously…

So what are you guys thoughts on defense or mana on node 19?

Lol, that is exactly why I came to read this thread. Wondering if 2% faster mana is worth more than the defense.

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