Gravemaker spécial

I pulled two Gravemaker, maxed the special 8/8 on one, but it is just doing 204 damages. When I look at the leaderboard, they all do 298 damages. Can I get any help? Thanks!

DoT (damage over time) skills scales with attack score.
Is your Gravemaker at lv80? It’ll reach that damage once it’ll be at that level.

Troops also increase damage further but you can’t see that on the card, you should inspect the hero once a battle is started.


Thank you for your reply. Though, I’m talking about is special skill. He does 135%, that is the same. Then, he does 298 over two turns to all targets. (From what I see on the cards from the top players)
Mine is just doing 204 d. Written on the card, but also I have seen it during combat.

Hey man. Try to read his comment again. In simple words: he will do the 298 damage when he is LEVEL 80. The damage scales with his attackpower and thus indirectly with his level.

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Oups! Thanks. Didn’t know it was possible. Love his hability more now. :wink: