Gravemaker or Mitsuko - whom to ascend

Whom to ascend - GM or Mitsuko?

First priority is offense in the team with Grazul, Marjana, Boldtusk and Guardian falcon. Second priority is in defense which currently looks like Kage-RED-Tella-Vela-Joon

Having tested both on 3-70 I am likely to choose Mitsuko - to use shilelds against Vela, who is often in defense now. She will also get family bonus with Kage in defense.

Are there any agreements to ascent GM instead?

Mitsuko has a very specific use and she is better than anybody for it. That being said, GM is absolutely better overall. If Vela falls out of fashion post nerf I think you may well regret maxing her ahead of GM. Vela is not, of course, the only hero Mitsuko addresses, but she is a fair bit more common than other really problematic blue on D, Finley.

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Tough call. Both are great on offense and defense. Mits is more specialized and can neutralize blue strikers, the mana drop is welcomed too. GM is all-purpose killer, good anywhere in defense and can be used against about any team…strong DOT. GM has the lead in my mind but Mits is nothing to ignore.

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^ I agree with both. That said, gm all the way

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I presume this is a joke question?
Why anyone would even consider ascending mitsuko over GM is surely having a laugh.

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Mits is a game changer against Finley and vela (primarily)… IF you can get her to charge. You’ve got two average mana heroes already with bold and falcon… you don’t want a third.

Grave is just… grave. Solid in defense. Solid in offense. Just a beast.

I hate when I find typos after the fact.


Well, both based on a gut fill and on calculation of damage dealt per 3 tiles of charge - GM is stronger.

But I have tried several times with GM and Mits- and found that statistically I win more often with Mits. This is indeed caused by Vela. But that is what we have now.
As for the speed - Boldtusk charges with 9 tiles (talents, suit) and Mitsuko after Grazul ultimate ability and her element link (mana speed) also charges with 9 tiles. So specifically in this offense team and against Vela flank - Mitsuko seems to be stronger.

Obviously GM is better in defense. The only issue - his class Rogue - same as Kageburado who also is in defense team.
And GM is better in 3+2 teams. However I think 3+2 is preferable when you have almost all heroes 5* for attack. This is not my case yet and I play mono, thus this is the team that the candidate had to fit into.

Anyway - I may be mad, but I chose Mitsuko… Hope Vela will stay on the flank of a green center :slight_smile:

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Listen to the teacher.

But also, save your rings and ascend mits next. I use both constantly.

You’ll enjoy her!! Then you’ll max grave and ask yourself why you waited so long! Lol

Your game. Your decision. Just have fun. :slight_smile:

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To me, they are both useful, but it really just comes down to speed. At Very Fast, I couldn’t pass up Gravemaker. :slight_smile:

I actually had just ascended Mitsuko when GM came along at the beginning of this month. Fortunately, I had extra rings available because Mitsuko was only my second-ever 5* Red after 18 months of playing, so I was lucky enough to still have 6 rings left when Gravemaker popped out of the portal for me. :smiley:

That said… progress on Mitsuko abruptly stopped at 4-19 as soon as I got Gravemaker. He is now 4-42 and I will resume Mitsuko’s rise to max after GM is maxed.

Good gaming!

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Congrats on pulling him!

Gm is a beast but mitsy is extremely useful against blue flanks and wings…she is awesome too.


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