Gravemaker Needs a Counter

By reasonably attainable, I think that means heroes that you are able to produce with your training camps. Dunno if they’re called “standard” heroes or “classic” or what.

And I’m actually going to download an app that’ll let me take video of my phone tomorrow, just to show you how it can be done. While I’m not concerned about whatever credibility you may think I do or do not have, in the least I feel bad that you’re so doubtful that you’re missing out on some strategies that really could help your game.

But no complaints that my Grimm has his talents up or anything like that, I’m not giving up a percentage of my emblems just to try to convince you that I was genuine trying to give you advice. But I will say that my leader encouraged me to practice stacking before the talents were even part of the game, and I had success. :v:

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I’ll even see if i can find a team with 2 gravemakers for ya :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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+I know what you mean @Gallowspider. He is ruthless. I do tend to aim at taking him out asap. But, then, i find that with a heap of 5* heroes. I raid with 3500ish and often face off against 4000+ teams. I actually find leonadis a pain with his self heal, Isarnia, Justice. And that Joon tinker. Atomos - seriously! He comes back! Omg, its kind of a long list!

But hey, killing GM as hes referred to here is always pretty cool. He screams like a 12 year old girl!

Heres me taking him out. Sorry no guin vids at this time.



lol it’s all good. I put it out there for all to see and use.

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I found the toughest team I could. It actually went worse than usual, but I don’t have any more flags atm so I’ll make some more tomorrow.

Sorry, don’t know how to embed the video, lol


Here’s another:

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I can make more, but I’m guessing you get the drift.

Anyway, like I said, I don’t believe that gm poses some kind of terrible threat that requires a special 5* designed to counter him. And 5-stacking is probably the easiest way around him (or other nasty guys), but 5-stacking is unreliable; with practice, you’re likely only to win 3 outta 5 battles, at the mercy of the boards. Using a 3 and 2 setup that utilizes defense and attack up (for you) and/or defense down (for them), or other buff specials will net you even better odds. Pay attention to which troops you assign which heroes, especially in regard to strength, which can vastly increase the attack damage of every gem. Heroes that dispel or heal can keep you fighting when the boards aren’t really working out for you. And also ask for strategy advice from your teammates or here in the forums.

I do hope that despite your skepticism, you (and everyone else here who’s having trouble with gm) are able to maximize your team’s potentials, and walk away from raids (and wars) with wonderful victories :sunglasses:


Here’s one more with a green team, since green in weakest against red.

@Gallowspider, I certainly don’t expect an apology or a thanks for the advice, but I am pretty surprised you have nothing to say…


GM isn’t easily obtainable either. After fighting him enough times I have learned he isn’t as over porewful as some think. Using Kiril, Magni, and Valeria I have a high success win rate against him. Yes a bad board against him is deadly but hearing heros names like Guin, Hel, and Zeline when is a bad board not punishing?


How do I post my 40 second clip? I recorded using the DU recorder but it won’t let me upload.

Upload it to the Tube and post the link.

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Gravemaker. No problem
Kiril, Grimm, magni, Frida, another blue.

Tiles take out gravemaker. The defence down wipes out everyone else.
I love when there are two of them


I imagined a hero like this
Very fast mana blue

  • 280% dmg to target
  • target get -50% def against blue
  • nearby (or all) allies are fireproof for 3 turns

This special buff nullify and gives immunity to all fire themed debuffs.

The reason why i hate GM and guin is because they’re overrated and… Repetitive raids

And this should be another HotM or S3 hero, which will only be available for big spenders?

BTW, just met two Gravemakers (1+5), a Kage, Guin+5 tank and Alasie+4. I neither have a maxed legend nor took a blue hero and also had two epics in my team, which was about 600 weaker, too…



It’s all about the boards. I didn’t record but below are the final results and the team I raided.

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Wasn’t really worth my time, but since you’re @-ing me. Your advice is stack 5 guys and hope for a good board–which you yourself come back and say you don’t do because it’s unreliable, and taking 3-2 makes more sense.

You act like that’s some brilliant strategy, not what everyone in this game does.

In this raid tournament, all 10/10 top teams use Gravemaker. But you’re right. He’s not a threat. He’s terrible. The people who use him have no idea what they’re doing.

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Actually, I think there might be more Gravemakers in the top 100 of this tourney than players :slightly_smiling_face:.

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There’s no way you watched those videos, the first one did not have great boards and I still did just fine.

Everyone is using gm and guin and kageburado and etc. because they’re some of the strongest/highest defense available. You said he spells certain doom, and I tried to show you the most basic way to mitigate these problems, and you’re just being dismissive, and now there’s something wrong with it because it’s a common strategy?

You’re trolling, and you’re whining about the strong characters because clearly, you’re not good at the game, and have no motivation to try to improve. I don’t think you realize how foolish you sound with your haughty attitude.

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Please quote me where I said this.

Thanks for acknowledging he’s a major threat.

Show me where I do this.

You have an active imagination. I just find you claiming he’s not a major threat ridiculous, as well as acting like you have some specialized Gravemaker killing stratagem (involving Kiril, no less) a vast exaggeration.

Before I had her it was Rigard.

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