Gravemaker Needs a Counter

Gravemaker is way too overpowered and need a reasonably obtainable BLUE counter. This need is especially evident in Bloody Battle this week. Tools have been given to deal with Guin already. I see her as balanced within the game. I suggest a 4* very fast remove DoT (not debuff) that is blue.

Instead of a new card I think the basically useless Triton, could have remove DoT added to skills, changed to very fast and as a counter balance reduce damage a bit.

Yeah, just make Triton overpowered.
I’m sure all the other heroes that uses DoT as status aliment would still works just fine :wink:


Zimkitha is a “reasonable” counter, albeit not very fast.


A very fast cleanse hero would be overpowered in itself. Rigard and zimkitha are two very good counters to GM, though their special won’t help to take him down. However, most guin counters don’t do both either (Poseidon prevents her mana drop, but isn’t the right color to be effective, and other purples, though effective, don’t have amazing specials to counter her).


I don’t see it as overpowered especially versus many other 4*'s especially if damage from the attack is reduced.
Zimkitha is not reasonably obtainable and doesn’t do BLUE tile damage.
Wouldn’t be a full cleanse hero ONLY DoT removal. Guin doesn’t do massive damage so you can feed her tiles, then block mana with Proteus to finish her off. A 4* counter that is easier to obtain than guin 5* counter which is hel. Also, gooed counters are Hansel and Merlin. Problem with GM is the pure fast damage output with no strategic way to block it other than heavy stack blue and pray for a good board. If you don’t get 7 blue tiles before he charges, you lose.

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Another thing that makes GM super overpowered is the pairing with Zeline you see everywhere. Her reduction to damage and more importantly Extra Damage to blue 3+ stack REQUIRED to take out GM is the largest imbalance in the game.


It’s Ariel

Twenty Characters



Ariel is a strong counter but not Reasonably Obtainable… A counter shouldn’t cost upwards of $500 to have a ‘chance’. There needs to be playable weak counter options for everyday players to create some resemblance of balance.

This is how you get player spending $17,000 on a game to be competitive, which in my opinion is bad for the overall health of it.

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A reasonable counter also Is Rigard and in a minor way Vivica, both regular heroes.

Hu Tao with a very fast special Is too overpowered, we need Rigard ti Grant a minion with 30% of caster’s Health to allies.

But lowering his healing abilities to 20%, this shall do…


Oh sure, link my confession post in a “gm needs a counter hero” thread!



I think a blue version of Peter’s would be good.

Funny you should mention this…

I just use Kiril, more then enough.

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I’ve always thought they should redo Agwe as a fast cleanser. Think about it, they wouldn’t even have to redo his animation. A wave sweeping over everyone is perfect to put out Grave fires.

Plus, no one actually uses the guy as is. People still use Triton.


Vanilla counter: Bring in Boril, Kiril and Grimm and he’ll hopefully die before his second cast…

E.g. Proteus, Aeron and Athena can also force him making his own grave…

This topic is sth for my support group

‘Don’t be afraid of Gravemaker, but flee if you see two’



@KLinMayhem I don’t get it.

I personally have no problems with Grave, for the most part I just run holy or dark heavy, and rarely do I throw blues at him. But I can understand the greater frustration here.

Sorry :frowning:

Twenty char…

I gotta chime in and say gm isn’t a major threat, and if you’re having trouble against one specific hero, instead of looking to counter with one specific hero, consider changing your tactics. This game is more complicated than attack vs attack. You’ve got a whole team, utilize it.

There’s a lot of options, using heroes that lower defense (like grimm) and raise your attack (like kiril). Stacking 2 or 3 or more even can give you astonishing results. Heroes that increase critical damage, heroes that raise defense. Everyone has a different collection of heroes, so you’ll have to really look at who you’re using, and why.

I promise that if you change the way you look at your setup, you’ll get results.


I read a lot of comments like this that suggest feeding some kind of hodgepodge of 4* heroes against Gravemaker. I’ve yet to see someone with one of these 4* blue heavy teams post a video of them dealing with 4100-4200 tp guin-grave teams with their Kirils.

I’m not trying to be an ■■■ about it, but this gets old. There’s a reason he litters the top 100 teams. Because he IS a threat and he’s probably the most impactful hero in the game. When you say he isn’t a major threat, you lose all credibility with me.

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While I agree, I think “reasonably attainable” is a bit of a vague statement that makes the entire idea problematic because there’s no standing definition of “reasonably attainable.” What is “reasonably attainable” to you? A classic 4* out of the training camps? An Atlantis 4*? A HOTM? Without knowing what you’re asking for, that makes it hard to figure out how to possibly serve your request.

I agree with another suggestion of modifying Agwe while also suggesting maybe Captain of Diamonds could be modified to serve this purpose and help shake up the meta a bit. They’re both pretty weak, rarely used, and often joked about. Maybe even modifying Kadilen as others have suggested to have a very substantial improvement as Kadilen is pretty “reasonable” to obtain. Maybe give Agwe and CoD a cleanse (CoD might work great since his ability is called “Pest Control” which is on flavor). And the suggestion of making Kadilen’s ability also affect DOTs would improve her substantially.

And people have mentioned Rigard.

Are they great options to flatten a GM heavy leaderboard? I think CoD could be, the others maybe not because they’re either too slow (at Average) or not typically something you’d bring to fight GM (Kadilen, Rigard).

I agree, but outside of a HOTM, I’m not sure what we could expect the dev team to actually do.

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