Gravemaker - how good is he?

Hi, just wanted to ask people’s opinion on Gravemaker. I know there is a separate post on him but doesn’t say how good is he in Titans, raids offense and defense. And is he worth ascending to 4-80?
He is a very fast mana hero but attack isn’t amazing and DOT can be dispelled.


I do not have him, so this is theory.
In raid offence: Awesome, the DOT is so fast (only 2 turns) that it will wreck stuff.
Raid defence: also good, with very fast mana the cleanses can’t keep up, and also once again the DOT is so fast that you can only cleanse half of it.
Titans: Ok. Here the DOT is not that big of a deal. But decent attack and elemental link make him very usable.

TL;DR: Raid monster, ok titan hitter. Worth ascending.


I push Into the top ten frequently and fought him at 4/80. He wrecked me! He got 2 specials before I had 1 and had killed Alby super quick.
I wasn’t a fan in beta testing but after fighting him, if you get him lvl him!


If you check top teams almost all have Alby. I think developers designed Gravemaker as a main threat to Alby or Zeline. Real fun starts when middle hero is out. With 4* mana troops need just 3 ghost tiles and he is charged.

I do not have top team, my 4* mana troops are not ready yet, my Gravemaker is not maxed out (3/70) but I really like him already. DOT lasts only 2 turns, you can neutralise once but you will not able to neutralise every time. I think he will be good in Wars too.


Nice, I will start working on him after the event. Which position would suit him more as a tank or flank? I do have Azlar, Horghall, Richard, and Delilah. But they are level 1-1 except Delilah. So if tank position suits him better I won’t level up other tanks then for now?

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to clarify, you need a level 11 4* mana troop to charge gravemaker with 6 tiles (3 ghosted tiles). Same for Jackal.


Azlar can be used as a tank, but his low defense means he will die a lot to double 80 blues or triple blues 80+2x70 to any good board. But he’s good enough to be better than 4 stars AND he PUNISHES bad boards in a way that someone like Ares doesn’t. Azlar is also an excellent flank as well. Delilah can work in either position and is one of the few 5 star healers. Both are good to take to 80.

Richard is fine. Not great, not terrible. Groot is a fine tank, but that’s about it.


Thanks Dante! So would you prefer Azlar or Gravemaker when it comes to leveling first. I started this game about 2.5 months ago and pretty low on ascension materials. So I won’t be able to level both of them for sure.

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