Gravemaker DoT bug?

Is gravemakers dot stacking a bug? Becuase no other DOT other then victor which is specifically called out as stacking is allowed to do this? You can use multiple gravemakers and thier dot stacks.

GM’s doesn’t stack with other burning DoT from Marjana, Azlar, Kelile(sp?), or Colen.

It stacks with multiple graves though and should just be overwritten like all other dots.

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Multiple gravemaker DoT doesn’t stack either. It just resets the turn count.


Just tested, they don’t stack.

Had GM’s DoT stacked, then those 2 monsters should have taken 263 dmg instead of 181.

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Tell me what its this error …HM

Im meen Azlar… Sometimes +1500atak normaly with WUKONG but i see +340 or —340 WOW not spells afected this round, plz help Veterans

@Mgz That’s stage-specific.
Red (fire) heroes underwater do 50% less damage. Tap the little wave icon & it’ll tell you they do reduced damage :wink:

Also, unrelated to OP.

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I believed I’ve seen the same thing today.

I fought with a team that had GM in raid. When GM did his 2nd special attack on my hero who still had the 1st DOT affected on him, the damage increases like 500+ in a single turn.

I think there’s a error on the turns he does damage. The card says 2 turns but my heroes take damage over 3 turns.

Can’t explain it without seeing video of your claim.

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