Gravemaker bugs

sorry for my English.
I have observed that Gravemaker deals more damage than expected. My Gravemaker, however, deals them exactly. because? Has anyone observed this anomaly?

Have you checked troops used?

Yes, the screens show the already comprehensive data of the troops.
gravemaker had to do 151 damage in turn, instead they are 181

Defense teams gets increased trickle mana regeneration and increased bonus damage about 20%. Thanks to @Gryphonknight

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ok. thanks for the clarifications :+1:

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Also why gravemaker deal more dmg than azlar over time? azlar deal 70x6 turns but grave deal like 280x2 turn…something is wrong here

Gravy’s DoT when he’s 4.80+0 (maxed but without emblems) is 298 over 2 turns, that is, 149 per turn. However, this is only base damage thst can be increased by:

  • Troops,
  • Emblems,
  • Extra damage against nature.

It’s hard to say anything without screenshots.

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also i so azlar deal 60 each turn from the total of 360 but gravemaker deal 280 each turn…

Posting the same question multiple times is pointless.

Hi @danubius1, and welcome to the forum. I appreciate very much that you searched to try to find appropriate threads to post it! As @grzechol says though, please only post a question or issue in one place. I’ve merged the other copy of the question in here.

I have problem with accepting Gravemakers skills.

How is the damage from the skill calculated?
According to my counting Gravemaker has

DMG per 2 turns 358
Troops has 16% increasing attack . That is 358 *1.16 = 415,28

Per turn it means 207 DMG.
BUT Misandra and all other blue heroes receive 215 per turn. If the colour is counted it should be even less, because of weak element.

It does not make a sence.

Also why is there written a specific DMG over 2 turns?
I HAVE NEVER read about troops, elemental link or colour relevance are taken in consideration on even mentioned specific DMG 358 in this case.

I dont get it.
Can anyone please explain me how that works?

Gravemaker’s DOT is based on his Attack stat, at floor(Attack*20.5%) per turn. The community has worked out that defenders get a 20% Attack boost that is not visible in the tooltipped stats. This has been in place for a very long time, and we believe it is there to help make defenses a bit more competitive, since even with it in place, the offense win rate in Diamond is 65% across the whole population.

So, putting the 120% Attack boost together with the 20.5% of attack per turn damage:


That’s where the 215 damage per turn comes from.

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