Gravemaker and Natalya, worth leveling both?

I have Gravemaker maxed and Natalya at 3-68. Is it worth it to spend the rings on Natalya to max her out? Their DOT attacks don’t stack, so I don’t see a good synergy between the two. Am I wrong?

i have natalya at 80 along with Grave, Marjana, and Azlar. Nat is definitely the worst of the bunch IMO and many times I wish i had her rings back to use on someone else.

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Many heroes are better than Natalya that only shines on raid attacks.

All of the burn heroes will run into overlap. I also find that Alasie and Nat don’t play well with each other either. But despite that, you can still plan out your moves GM to hit the center 3, Nat on a slow corner or their healer.

I think Natalya is a fantastic attacking hero with a fun strategy. I’ve had her maxed since January and she’s been a staple in my team making any slow hero easy pickings, Alby especially. She also helps get you out of a pinch when you need to use up dead tiles, as the enemy gains Mana at a crawl allowing you to manipulate the board.
She’s sturdy too.
Plus she’s :fire:
Do it!