ℹ Gravemaker – 5* Fire/Red - June 2018 HOTM

I was lucky and got GM #2 yesterday. Just wondering if I should work on him or Mitsuko? GM #1 is at +19 in and on my main and war defence. I have a load of emblems for Mitsuko if I go that route. She would be a great counter for the teams with Finley and Vela. But GM is a beast and another one would be handy. Still a couple rings away so got some time to decide. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated

How many Rings do you have?

Mitsuko has gained a lot of popularity & value in the last couple releases; first when Finley became a P.I.T.A sitting out in the wing. Then more so when Vela became the flank of choice to Telluria. So Mitsuko is handy for raiding & one war attack team

GM on the other hand has the benefit of being Very Fast & can charge (usually) before Telluria & Vela get firing… So that helps in terms of war depth

I wouldn’t say that either of the two are likely to make it to your defence team so it’s really about your offence… Which will you gain more value from?

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If you already have one GM maxed, then Mitsuko no doubt.

As Guvnor said, in Vela/Finley world she is making raiding much easier. You no longer need to take both Telluria and Vela out, just make sure you take Telly and charge Mitsuko before Vela fires. Finley is killing himself from full HP to zero, unless his piercing pops in. Vela usually hurts herself with about 75% of her HP if all your heroes are alive.

GM dupe is probably only for a war depth… and as such, Mitsuko is still better to use against double blue defense or defense with Isarnia etc. She’s also useful in tournaments defense as she can remove a second color of the pool if used on flank.


Totally agree with @Guvnor and @Suicide_Bunny: Mitsuko would be the best choice for me :wink:

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Thanks for the advice @Guvnor and @Suicide_Bunny. Greatly appreciated.

I have 4 rings, with the 5th coming from PoV. Just finishing off Tyr now. Will start on Mitsuko then. Thanks again

Pulled him today in the Black Friday Portal and he came of course without the new costume - so the question is: Is the standard version of him still relevant? What do you think?

Absolutely! My standard GM+20 still sees action in almost all my raids!

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So he’s still good in 2022??

I’ve limit broken mine and with the 2018 family bonus with Zeline he does well as tank in some wars, and sits on my raid defense. I’d love his costume for the stats boost. I always take him raiding too.

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