Graturday! I love the plethora of portals [Perspective]

A day late, but that’s the nature of a hobby… it takes its own time.

The multiplicity of events and associated portals are, to me, fantastic. I spend a little, but have never “chased” a Hero, so the specifics of the system have never bothered me at all.

Instead, most weeks, I eagerly anticipate the next event that has a portal attached to it. Most events give me the opportunity to earn one or two free Summons per event. Clearly, I am most often disappointed in the results, but a quick glance at the calendar starts me scheming on the next portal to open. I’m in a constant state of looking forward to the next draw, maneuvering to earn enough Coins/Keys/Zocc Heads/whatever to get just one extra pull. If I’m feeling saucy and the budget allows, I might even *whisper* buy those last couple of coins :scream:

I play recreation-level sports of several kinds too, even though I’m about as athletic as your average pet pot-bellied pig.

Without the athleticism, I rarely win anything; but after every loss, I spend a whopping minute moping about it, and then head for the schedule to see who I’m facing next week. I immediately begin plotting their defeat, often over a burger and a beer.

The similarity struck me this week as I registered for this winter’s COVID-safe sport: curling.

I am, frankly, highly anticipating the Ninja Tower rollout, and not just for the new gameplay. The extra summon or two per month will be another day of the week with a little bit of enjoyable suspense for me.


I love your post on many levels. Probably most so because a lot of it mirrors my own perspective on the game and on the portals and what I find enjoyable and the type of quasi guilty spending I do. Also on pot bellied pigs (are there any other kind, though?).

Is it weird that I am looking forward to throwing Noor into the Ninja tower?


Noor in the Ninja Tower? Not at all! I pair her with Gullinbursti these days for unending durability.

Re: pigs, check out this American Landrace, a fine slim gentleman:
I had Landracers as 4H projects, and these athletic bad boys can climb things. They went right over our split-rail fences the first year; we had to redesign everything. Once, we even found my pig about chest height up a bloody tree. I don’t know why he went up there, but he lost his footing and got stuck, and screamed to high heaven until we came and rescued him.

Don’t fall for the fat pig myth.


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