Gratitude to the Community

Dear E&P Community,

My mom passed away March 26 this year. Our 15 year old white lab who was a companion to my sons growing up passed away in February. My dad passed away in September of 2017 & my husband of 26 years in November 2016. I am too exhausted by my grief & the grief of my 23 year-old son with autism to interact much in the real world except to go to work & church. I chose this game because my husband would’ve loved it & I needed something to numb my mind after my dad’s death.

Today was a weepy, painful day. I was so cheered by random kindness of my dear alliance mates and the camaraderie of the forum community. When I’m too spent to connect with friends, I find refuge and unexpected laughter and people helping one another here.

My heart is full because @zephyr1 added the last drop with a subtle but (to me) hysterically funny maneuver in a silly game. That kind of thing happens all the time here. To all the mods, influencers, regulars and just plain silly people here:. You are a lifeline. Your kindness,goodness & silliness is never wasted. I browse the forum like MAD magazine and Dear Abby and a Hoyles rulebook all put together and I am never disappointed.

Blessings on the camp!!!

With love,


No one is ever really gone, so long as they live on in your memories. I’m sorry for all you have gone through, I know a little bit about losing people that are very close to you. I’m glad to hear that you find solace in this awesome community.
I’ve been in many gaming groups, admin of several, and I can honestly say this is the friendliest, most helpful group I’ve ever seen.
May RNGesus smile down upon you. I’ll also say a few prayers for you, they really don’t hurt like Azlar’s special :wink:


Glad you appreciated that little silliness, and that the community means so much to you! :slight_smile:


To paraphrase a great hymn: Joyful, Joyful, We adore thee.

Setting the silliness to 11.

In case you haven’t stumbled across it, there’s lots to read in the library:

The Library

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@JonahTheBard I love that hymn! We matched out singing it at our wedding!!! Thank you, kind & silly sir! :hugs:. And I have spent hours in the Library laughing & crying!!! It gives rich meaning & depth to a 2D “random” "card game. Love the new name!!! Thank you for all the contributions…And for coming back!!! :bouquet:

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