Graphical bug, Season of love, base

Earlier, there were hearts decorating my base. Now there are these?

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I just realized this ugly white…I don’t know what that is, until now. It’s jutting out around the castle walls. Is it un-rendered graphics? It doesn’t look natural to me

Those areas are covered with Season of Love decorations

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What’s it supposed to look like?

Maybe a developer broke up with their significant other and just deleted the images.


It’s literally everywhere omg. It’s not me using MS paint on it. What is happening?

I don’t know, some red ropes with hearts hanging around. I could do a SS but, instead, I want you to use your imagination based on my description

I had that this morning.
Restarting the game fixed it

Okay nevermind, the graphics have been rendered in now. Everything back to normal and my freakout is over.

And then after a while it will turn back to blank spaces again. Same over here. Fix this asap as its annoying and dont need it to last for an entire month.

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