Graphical bug, hero blacked out

Toda, when inspecting a card of mine, I noticed that the hero’s pic were blurred and then it quickly turned black:



Looks like u already pulled ???, hope that one is better than the one being released…actually it’s falcon so yup it is

Try just doing the simple “force close and reopen the game”

Usually fixes these graphic bugs.

Seems odd, this could be a bug. I would recommend close and restart the app and see if the problems continues. If the hero is still blacked out, i would submit a ticket to SG, but I do have guardian falacon and he isn’t blacked out on my roster currently.

I tried just now but it persisted :frowning:

Device restart?

Or game cache clearing (note only do if your account is synced to Google or Apple play account)

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Hi @Guvnor, the visual bug I found some time ago is still here, can you open it to merge this post?

So, it seems like when I inspect Guardian Falcon’s animated portrait (or see him in a battle) he will be blacked out. This happned even in the previous game’s version.

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