Graphic problems

Every time I log into the game, black base elements or background appear to me. Only after restarting the game, graphic problems disappear.

Could you provide information about your hardware, operating system, and a screenshot of the uiisue?

On the battlefield, some cards are also black I noticed.

Huawei P8 Lite: Android 6.0, CPU 1,2 ghz RAM: 8GB

Buenos días quería reportar un error de GRÁFICAS en las guerras, asaltos y titanes aver si me podían ayudar por favor

Does the problem persist if you do a hard restart of the device? Looks like a graphics memory leak issue to me.

I am going to have a hard reset or restart of the device, but for a moment, after a few game launches, the problem returns

I seem to be having a problem going to play the season 2 Province 17 first level I click on the page and it shows nothing…

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