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FWIW, both of my accounts (my spendy Kerridoc account and my C2P alt) are undefeated going into Day 2. Embarrassingly, alt is higher than main. There’s a lot of variance created by the match-ups and the associated bonus booty.


No I won’t be spending gems. The loot for top tiers seems underwhelming anyway.

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Thats normal. Let me know how is when starting last day :slight_smile:

This tournament does give F2P for some good loot since this round limits the use of 5* heroes.

Most standard 4* heroes are very much viable for this tournament. Even paying for gems would not get you much advantage against a F2P.

Big question is: will spending gems after 4 defeats fill-up your already used flags for that day?

The way I spend for raids depend solely on my mood. If the last flag for me ended in a shi* mode, I have a tendency to buy more flags.

So my answer is yes but not for the score. But more like personal satisfaction. I hate it when my final flag ends in a loss.

well if 10 percent do that, and most of them have a big roster of 4* they will at least match a f2p with an ok roster defensively and offensively (for me, who targets 1-5%, at most 5-10% is bad news)

so, they will be tied up, lets say:

case 1: both lose 4 times until the day prior to the last day > f2p will surely have less points at the end - in most of the cases.
case 2: both lose 4 times until the last day > f2p has a chance to have same or more points at the end - but in least of the cases.

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There is no point in spending gems to continue in the raid tournament. If you’ve lost 4 raids, you’re :poop: and spending gems won’t help your score. My score is garbage and I won all 10 raids in a total of like 5 minutes due to bad matchmaking. Losing 4 attacks? Don’t spend gems. Nah.

Well I did say that it gives F2P a better fighting chance and higher potential for better loot.

Even if P2P, are the returns reasonable?

F2P players, can have a good fighting chance for the fact they have more access to 4* rather than 5* heroes. There are at least a dozen or so solid 4* heroes. If a F2P plays long enough, they will surely have quite a few maxed. New players would definitely be out of the game without paying.

Yourself, @Jedon, @FrenziedEye, @Shohoku79, @Ian487 would have a rather solid set of 4* heroes that I am sure of.

My troops are all shite for this tournament since I never upped any 3* troops except for a single blue lv 3*.


lets wait for the last day. most likely the 25-100% will have 4 defeats in that day.

With my second day wins, I am (very temporarily, I’m sure) in the 1%-5% tier…

troops wise? me neither; im thinking in the long run.

better 4* than p2p? not sure; atlantis heroes are far way better than regular ones. and are used by p2p in titans, wars, events :slight_smile:

imo, as a p2p that normally go for top 100 in challenge events, if im not i the 1% tier loot is a fail. - edited

so imo, at least 1-3% will battle out for 1% tier loot and splash gems if needed be.

question is: do I make it to the first tiers loot? or is just another atlantis coins drop chance for a single pull ? :smile: or better say a sum of loot for monster+raid+titan chest from which we exclude the AMs :smile:

I dont agree with this statement. I am P2P but if I find too much effort and gems required to get to that 1%, I would rather use the gems elsewhere.


No, spending gems won’t fill back up your flags, it will only let you continu.
Let’s say you start your last day with 3 losses so far, you have 5 flags, you use your first flag and win, then use your second flag and loose. You get the option to pay gems, if you don’t you are out, if you do, you still have only the 3 flags left and can finish those.
So the only reason you might want to do that in this scenario, is when you think using those last 3 flags will get you 1 loot tier higher (not sure how to predict this, so I am with @SWEG, it will probably not make a lot of sense to pay).


you are right; generalising isnt correct; will edit :wink:
well Im reffering to the majority that normally go for top 100 in challenge events.

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well, until now 50% of the 7% that voted ‘yes’ will most likely have more points than me.

No, it will not. There is no way to get more flags or to refight battles you lost, so even if you pay to continue, your score has already suffered 4 losses.


hey. you are so right… same number of flags… same battles won…

you are all right; nice! my hopes are up again :slight_smile:

@NPNKY for the win!!! Ty so vm :smiley:

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Indeed, if you don’t lose any, you’re better off than a moneybags who has continued — at least 4 more scoring matches!

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